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  • E05C: Annualized Out-of-State Student FTE
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    Taxes paid by Virginia residents help fund Virginia colleges and universities. Out-of-state students enrolled in Virginia institutions may pay significantly higher tuition than in-state students to offset the loss in funding. The E05 report displays the full-time equivalent enrollment total of out-of-state students enrolled in Virginia colleges and u...
    Author: RobertHagood Date: 4/16/2014 Score: 100
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  • Warehaus_dbo_sp_E5_Report_By_Inst
    Wiki: Wiki
    Management.E05: Annualized Student FTE and Credit Hours Report Management.E05A: Annualized Student FTE by Student Level Group Report Management.E05B: Annualized In-State FTE Enrollment Report Management.E05C: Annualized Out-of-State Student FTE Report Management.E05D: Annualized Student FTE and Credit...Report Title: E05: Annualized Student FTE and Credit Hours Report Description: Displays Total Annual FTE, Total Credit Hours and Unduplicated
    Author: MarinaMoschos Date: 12/13/2012 Score: 79.12852
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