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The SCHEV blogs are intended to improve communication and collaboration regarding higher education policy in Virginia. At right are the current blogs at SCHEV, we anticipate more will be added as time goes on. Below the blog list is an aggregated list of the most recent posts from all blogs arranged chronologically.

Recent Blog Posts - All Blogs
Wow. What a week. Fortunately, I get to focus on one or two small bits of news - the Ratings that Aren't.  USED has announced that the PIRS - the Postsecondary Institution Ratings System - won't actually have any ratings. Instead it will be a new consumer-oriented website with "mor... [More]
There was this article in Politico yesterday. “You feel so guilty that you haven’t done enough for your kid, and they make it so easy to get the loans,” said Elizabeth Hill, a 57-year-old property appraiser from the Boston suburbs with more than $30,000 in PLUS debt. &ldqu... [More]
I try to avoid talking much about political issues on this blog, but the events in Wisconsin higher education  are concerning. I believe in the role of tenure in preserving the academic core of institutions. To some degree, institutions should be slow to change. They should always be re... [More]
VLDS Insights Conference is back for the third edition in Fredericksburg, VA on June 30, 2015. Among other data insights, the 2015 conference will highlight new partner agencies that have joined VLDS and fresh opportunities that will come from those new partnerships. The conference will open... [More]
A couple of weeks ago, in Confessions of a Community College Dean, Matt Reed published this piece  on the trouble with longitudinal data. Of course, I disagreed (on Twitter) and pointed to the necessity of using multiple measures (which he meantions in the post itself). We are not reall... [More]
The "pig in the python" is the common cliche in Richmond used to talk about cohorts of students moving through the system, or an institution, to graduation. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complex than that as their are multiple cohorts enrolled at any one time. "Apes in Kaa the python" migh... [More]
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