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The SCHEV blogs are intended to improve communication and collaboration regarding higher education policy in Virginia. At right are the current blogs at SCHEV, we anticipate more will be added as time goes on. Below the blog list is an aggregated list of the most recent posts from all blogs arranged chronologically.

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In 1982, Army basic training/advanced individual training typically consisted of series of lessons that began with the instructor saying, "I will give you an explanation, demonstration, and practical application...." It was the days of tell/show/do. That model has been in place an awfully lo... [More]
One of the most difficult aspects of teaching someone to code in any language is teaching debugging, which is merely a special kind of problem-solving. Like virtually every other form of problem-solving, the key to debugging is seeing the problem in front of your eyes. Are you seeing what i... [More]
First off, I presented the enrollment projections for discussion, not action, this week. We felt that the Council should have a bit more opportunity to suggest direction after considering the final projections. So, final action will be at the October meeting.   Second, we updated the re... [More]
I have had very little time to really delve into the College Scorecard. While I think it is a necessary first step, I think it raises more questions than it answers. Over the next months, I hope to address some of these questions that are relevant to Virginia policy. One of the most puzzlin... [More]
INTRODUCTION I have been asked to spend a few brief minutes today talking about student success and how we measure it. “Brief” because with the wealth of data we publish on our website, it is easy for me to spend hours talking about student success in terms of degree completion a... [More]
I was going to do this post elsewhere, but Wordpress does not allow iFrames. So, we'll put it here as a professional sharing. With the release of the College Scorecard, USED and the Administration did two things of particular note: provided all the summary data behind the Scorecard for downl... [More]
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