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The SCHEV blogs are intended to improve communication and collaboration regarding higher education policy in Virginia. At right are the current blogs at SCHEV, we anticipate more will be added as time goes on. Below the blog list is an aggregated list of the most recent posts from all blogs arranged chronologically.

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  Final Draft of Proposed Data Collection Changes to Comply with Reporting and Analysis Requirements for SB 631 (2018) After consultation with a group of institutional representatives, we have settled on a handful of changes to the data collections that will enable the type of reporting... [More]
SCHEV's Spring 2019 EEE survey will open starting Wednesday, January 2, 2019 through Monday, January 21, 2019.   We will be shutting down the Data Collection (DC) and Student Information VCSIN (SIV) systems starting Tuesday, January 22, 2019 through Sunday, March 10, 2019 to addre... [More]


in SCHEV Research Data Blog by Tod Massa 21. September 2018 18:03
It is the end of an intense and busy week. Council meeting, tornadoes (even in my neighborhood, but little damage fortunately), presentation to Senate Finance Education Subcommittee, a long talk about goals for transfer, and then a conference call for the transfer data collection and reporti... [More]
This article at Inside HigherEd on the recent MLA survey on Language Ph.D.s: A Jobs Snapshot is really the kind of article that shouldn't be written. The survey simply does not provide enough responses to be meaningful. It covers PhD recipients that were contacted in a 2015 study.... [More]
Okay folks, here it is. The official NPRM for modifying Gainful Employment. August 14, 2018, the Department published in the Federal Register a notice of proposed rulemaking to rescind the gainful employment (GE) regulations, which added subpart Q of the Student Assistance General... [More]
Here's the story at InsideHigherEd. Here's the argument presented in the two-page factsheet regarding the draft notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM): Research findings published subsequent to the GE regulations pointed out that the D/E rate is not an accurate proxy for quality or performance... [More]
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