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The SCHEV blogs are intended to improve communication and collaboration regarding higher education policy in Virginia. At right are the current blogs at SCHEV, we anticipate more will be added as time goes on. Below the blog list is an aggregated list of the most recent posts from all blogs arranged chronologically.

Recent Blog Posts - All Blogs
We have continued to add/refine the reports about students/families in poverty. FA30B: Dependent Students from Families by Poverty Status, Residency Status, Gender & Race/Ethnicity FA29B: Independent Students with Dependents by Poverty Status, Residency Status, Gender & Race/Ethnici... [More]
Based on the recommendation of a former college president, I picked up a copy of the book, "EVERYDATA The misinformation hidden in the little data you consume every day," By John H. Johnson and Mike Gluck. This book is oriented to making the average person a better consumer of the data seen... [More]
  I am going to be talking about poverty for some time to come. The infographic below highlights the beginning of a discussion that I hope will positively influence how we think about college affordability.  The bottom line is that in 2014, we had over 33,000 undergraduate students... [More]
A couple of weeks ago, we released the FA29 Report. Marina as followed that up with similar report by race/ethnicity, the FA29A. The trends are interesting, although not surprising. We will be releasing similar reports on dependent students in the very near future. [More]
I am pretty pleased with this new report that Marina has put together. We will be doing some more work with these data. FA29: Trends in Independents with Dependents in Poverty. How many students with dependents living at, or below, the poverty level are at your institution?    ... [More]
Dear Reports Coordinators, SCHEV Research would like to inform you that we will be shutting down the Data Collection (DC) and Student Information VCSIN (SIV) systems starting Monday, January 9, 2017 through Sunday, March 12, 2017 to address data requests from the 2017 General Assembly sessi... [More]
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