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The official blog of @SCHEVResearch at the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Discussions about our work, national higher education data policy, and highlights about the data we publish.


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Fall Headcount Final Enrollments

by Tod Massa 20. January 2017 22:50
Short form: Total enrollment is down, nearly 8,000 students to 520,879. The only sector with increased enrollment was the public four-year sector. Public two-year and independent college sector showed decreases. E42: Changes in Fall Headcount. //


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The cost of dropping out

by Tod Massa 16. September 2016 17:28
There is an undeniable payoff in going to a college that has been documented a number of times. Recently, the Center for Education and the Workforce found that than 95% jobs created during the recent economic recovery have gone to workers with at least some college education. SCHEV's data show that ... [More]


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Welcome to 2017! (well, 2016)

by Tod Massa 1. January 2016 23:10
I hope everyone's 2016 is off to an awesome start! Mine has not been auspicious, which suggests that 2016 can only get better.  At least, that is the way I am looking at it. (This might be why the date is wrong in the title...I'm already looking ahead.) January moves quickly once it starts. Whe... [More]


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Under-Represented Populations

by Tod Massa 29. May 2015 15:49
A couple of weeks ago, in Confessions of a Community College Dean, Matt Reed published this piece  on the trouble with longitudinal data. Of course, I disagreed (on Twitter) and pointed to the necessity of using multiple measures (which he meantions in the post itself). We are not really far ap... [More]


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Value-added College Rankings

by Tod Massa 1. May 2015 23:01
One of the things that struck me immediately upon reviewing the new Brookings report and data for the value-added college rankings was the appearance and ranking of Heald College-Concord. Despite near-top scores in earnings and loan repayment, it was one of the Corinthian colleges that closed a coup... [More]


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Been there. Done that. Got the chart.

by Tod Massa 22. November 2013 18:51
In the Twitterverse and elsewhere this week, there was noise about the failure of institutions to disclose graduation rates of students with Pell grants and students without Pell but with subsidized Stafford loans. This is a disclosure requirement of the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act. My fri... [More]


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Is Texas a model for Virginia?

by Tod Massa 20. July 2013 12:50
There is a lot happening in the higher ed data space these days. We will soon be releasing Graduate Debt by Program as a companion piece to the Post-Completion Wages of Graduates. As I have mentioned previously, at some point, probably when we update the Wage Reports, we will offer some kind of blen... [More]


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No Dog Days This Summer

by Tod Massa 10. July 2013 17:23
While it is not yet August, I can promise you there will be no Dog Days. Two things are about to happen this week. First, we will be releasing for institutional review the first reports on student loan debt at completion. Public release of these data will be in August. As a reminder, this is one of ... [More]


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Coming Attractions

by Tod Massa 29. May 2013 21:32
It is going to be an exciting summer! Very shortly we will be releasing the new Transfer Feedback reports for VCCS and Richard Bland College. These are in the review stage now.  They differ  from the existing  transfer reports in a number of important ways. First, they are annualized ... [More]

The Student Success Index

by Tod Massa 29. March 2013 13:29
We are about to begin publicly linking the new Sub-Cohort Lifecycle and Student Success Index reports. This will likely be in the first week of April and I want to write about the possible implications of these reports and our intent in publishing them. Anytime we release anything that remotely rese... [More]


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