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The official blog of @SCHEVResearch at the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Discussions about our work, national higher education data policy, and highlights about the data we publish.


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The SCHEVResearch Community is finally online!

by Administrator 8. March 2013 20:09

Welcome to the Community!

It has been long road to get here. Along the way we did a complete rebuild of the website, learned hard lessons about implementing open source software, and worked through a significant series of upgrades of this software.

So, what do we have now, and what does this mean to our user community?

First, it means we will be using more avenues to communicate besides email. For example, link COMMUNITY NEWS FEED will take you to the root of the community site and there you will find the Community Activity Stream which will provide a birdseye view of who is doing what on the site, the latest blog entries, and our most recent tweets. (We are on Twitter @SCHEVResearch.) You can also subscribe to the updates on the stream via RSS. In fact, RSS feeds are embedded throughout the site allowing you to select the level and focus of the notifications you wish to receive.

Introducing the News Wall

The News Wall is essentially a mini-blog or mini-forum focused on alerting you to updates on the site. You can reach it here. Current settings allow only users who are currently logged in can see the content on the walls. They are also the only ones that can post content.

Introducing the Collection Wall

The Collection Wall provides additional venue for all file change updates, collection announcement, and all related information. We have integrated our backend operations in the data dictionary to automate posting here to ensure it always the most current information.


Introducing the VLDS Wall

The Virginia Longitudinal Data System will soon be up and running. The latest news about the VLDS will be posted here.

The Forums

We have established a number of forums for your use to discuss issues with collections, best practices, and for peer support. These are intended to remain viewable ONLY by registered users in order to prevent releasing information into the wild that could compromise the security of our systems, and yours.

The Wiki

The wiki is found under Info & Help and contains Articles, the Glossary, and eventually, a Help document for each report on the website. This wiki supports page discussions for registered users and we hope this will encourage a great deal of sharing of your best and favorite practices.

Other Cool Features

This site is probably the first state website in Virginia, perhaps the nation, that supports Gamification. We have not tweaked it or customized it yet, as we want to hear from you as things progress. 

A calendar is integrated into the site as well, though many of you have probably seen it already. It is integrated with most every other feature on the site.

I will mention that there are a lot of really cool things going on in the background as well. I'm sure you are familiar with the cliche that only 10% of an iceberg is visible above water, this is likewise true about our community. We are using it at @SCHEVResearch to change the way we work and simplify our lives.

Colleagues that have accounts on the data collection system will receive notice of their accounts shortly. Other announcements will follow after that.

I hope you like what we are attempting and become active participants in our Community.




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