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Coming Attractions

by Tod Massa 29. May 2013 21:32

It is going to be an exciting summer! Very shortly we will be releasing the new Transfer Feedback reports for VCCS and Richard Bland College. These are in the review stage now.  They differ  from the existing  transfer reports in a number of important ways. First, they are annualized - new students in both fall and spring are included. This makes for a more complete picture of transfer. Second, we have created sub-cohorts similar to those used in the recently released Student Success Index reports and the accompanying Graduation Rates, 3 to 10 Years, by Subcohorts. I am excited about these reports since we will see some powerful new stories about student outcomes.

In mid-to late June we will release the new reports on Graduate Debt by Program for institutional review. As part of the required reporting of HB 639  of 2012, these new reports will parallel the structure and design of the existing wage reports. Our deadline for initial publication is August 1 to comply with the law. This is about the same time we will begin the final updates of the 2013 release of the Post-Completion Wages of Graduates. We expect the update wage reports to be released in October.  The reason for the timing is that final 2012 wage data will not be available until late June and given the complexity of the data build, we do not wish to rush the release.

No dramatic changes are planned for the wage reports.  With one exception - the addition of data from the National Student Clearinghouse. We are negotiating the contract now as we were fortunate to receive funding from the Governor and General Assembly to make use of Student Tracker. The addition of these data will be beneficial and help tell a more complete story. We are also beginning the process of negotiating access to the federal employment data set. I do not expect to have access to that in time for the October release, but will try. We are also still working on solutions for access to non-Virginia employment data, but we have some stumbling blocks that remain to join one multi-state collaborative effort.

Finally, I have spent the last three weeks reading "Is College Worth It?" by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol and "College (Un)Bound" by Jeff Selingo. Both books, most especially the former, make extensive use of data from Payscale.Com. Selingo spends a bit more time with CollegeMeasures.org data. I think both are worth reading, mainly because of their use of wage outcomes as part of an assessment of higher education today. I don't know how much affect these books will have on the national policy discussion, but I anticipate some affect as process of reauthorizing the Higher Education Act gets underway.



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