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No Dog Days This Summer

by Tod Massa 10. July 2013 17:23

While it is not yet August, I can promise you there will be no Dog Days. Two things are about to happen this week. First, we will be releasing for institutional review the first reports on student loan debt at completion. Public release of these data will be in August. As a reminder, this is one of the requirements of HB 639 passed in the 2012 legislative session. We will have the student debt at the program and degree level, much like the wage reports. Second, we are finally about ready to make the public release of the Community College Feedback Reports. Unless something goes awry, they will be released this weekend. I excited about these feedback reports as they tell some very important stories about transfer.

The Post-Completion Wage Reports will be updated to include outcomes for the graduating classes ending in 2010-11. The update will probably be published in October.  We have great news on the topic - SCHEV has just finalized its Student Tracker contract with the National Student Clearinghouse. As you know, this will allow us to report on enrollment and degree attainment outside Virginia. Also exciting, as I tweeted a few days ago, Virginia is now a Wage Record Interchange System (WRIS) 2 state. This means we will have limited access to UI-Wage data outside Virginia. The current maps show 31 states as being part of WRIS2, but the latest round of agreements (including Virginia) will take the total to around 40. This is truly an exciting development and the result of another successful workforce data quality initiative grant application by VCCS.

Finally, I'd like to mention that we had an outstanding first-ever VLDS Insights conference at the Mason Inn on the George Mason University campus. We had approximately 170 attendees with national and state speakers describing a lot of the good work they are doing. We hope this will become an annual event.




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