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Blogging Wonks

by Tod Massa 6. September 2013 19:46

Even though it is still Friday night, I am at least writing this in the office before I go home. 

Today was the last of the ten-part series "The Tuition is Too Damn High" in the Wonk Blog at the Washington Post. The series has had some interesting moments, and has generated thoughtful reactions across the web. Recommend John Warner's blog entry On Becoming a Dangerous Person, Sherman Dorn's post Increased tuition at research universities: Bowen, relative priorities, and net assets, and Matt Reed's The Theory Is Too Damn Thin.  I think today's post was the most interesting, and perhaps the most accurate as Dylan Matthew closes with this statement as justification for the Student Right-to-Know Before You Go bill backed by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR),  Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Mark Warner (D-VA).

 If lawmakers, especially at the state level, continue to be in the dark about the value of higher education funding, it stands to reason that they will continue to cut funding in favor of programs like Medicaid or police departments that have an easier to observe impact. Without better data, there’s no way to defend the contribution that college makes to our economy and our society, and no way to make that benefit cheaper for those who need it. (source).

This is what I believe, no question. This is why we try to do the things we do and why we keep pushing out new tools and new ways to look at the data. 

Matthews also said this:

But the simplest approach would be to just make community colleges free. They’re already the least expensive higher education institutions in the country, and there’s no evidence that they provide an inferior education to more expensive schools.

Yeah, this is probably not a bad idea. (t's Friday night and this is a personal opinion. With data.)




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