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Notes for the end of February

by Tod Massa 28. February 2014 23:42

Some of the most rigorous training in data analysis I received in college was in studio art, particularly in painting classes. When studying portraiture, one of the lessons the successful portraitist learns to really see the subject. Too often the beginner painter/drawer tries to produce something that looks like a face or eye instead of putting down what he or she actually sees. Learning to see clearly, honestly, makes it much easier to create art.

The same is true for higher education research and web development. One really has to look closely and honestly at the data and do all possible to keep your eyes clear of your biases and assumptions.

HB886 has its final reading in the senate on Monday and will likely pass. In anticipation of this we have tweaked the design of the institution profile page again.  Soon we will need to design a landing page for the high schools to link to, and I am not sure what that should like. I have some ideas, but I would like to hear any ideas you might have.


Speaking of ideas, I have gotten no feedback on last week’s post about an Alternative to Unit Record. Does silence imply consent or lack of interest? 

The updates to the transfer feedback reports are being run this weekend and should be ready on Monday.

The subcohort reports updates are almost complete and should be reflected on the website middle of next week.



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