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Looking ahead

by Tod Massa 3. July 2015 21:45

This week was the third annual VLDS Insights Conference. VLDS has been live since August, 2013. We are still growing and trying to make this a going concern. New agencies have come on board and the potential for research that fundamentally improves state policy in the Commonwealth has increased dramatically. I spoke at one session about how and when to make policy recommendations based on these data.

We are getting ready for the six-year plan meetings. It is going to be a long summer of meetings – 18 of them – one for each public four-year institution, Richard Bland College, VCCS, and EVMS. Each meeting will be limited to 90 minutes so there won’t be much time for specific topics, especially on days with multiple meetings scheduled. As I have said previously, one of the topics will likely be about differences in Student Success Index performance across student groups. 

Another topic is of course the enrollment projections.  For those institutions named in the budget regarding substituting some number of new two-year transfers for an equal number of first-time in college students, you can expect to be question about this if it is not obvious in your new student projections. 

Jeff Selingo published a nice essay in the Washington Post making the point that the starting at a two-year college and transferring to a four-year college is an excellent pathway to success. He references Virginia’s data on post-completion wages on the College Measures website, though typically he and the Post reference our site, as in this essay from June 16. 

I hope everyone enjoys/enjoyed a safe and happy Independence Day.



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