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And the new academic year is getting underway

by Tod Massa 14. August 2015 11:20

Next week we get back to the six-year planning meetings. A couple of these days are going to be very long with four institutional meetings each day. This will then lead to a crunch time to finish the enrollment projections for presentation and action to the Council. That is a fair amount of work to prepare an adequate number of tables that are representative, but not overwhelming. At the same time, we be providing a report on the 1415 degree awards as they are key to understanding the projections and the difficulty in meeting the goal of 1.5 million undergraduate degrees by 2030. We will also be mentioning the Early Enrollment Estimates.

It will be an information-heavy presentation.

Articles of the week that I recommend include the topics of AAC&U,  FAFSA, the non-ratings, Sweet Briar, and humor on campus (and the challenges of difficult material).

I also highly recommend this piece on big data.

The @SCHEVResearch Twitter timeline is full of information about move-in, start dates, campus safety apps, and general excitement. I miss being on campus this time of year.


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