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Welcome to 2017! (well, 2016)

by Tod Massa 1. January 2016 23:10

I hope everyone's 2016 is off to an awesome start! Mine has not been auspicious, which suggests that 2016 can only get better.  At least, that is the way I am looking at it. (This might be why the date is wrong in the title...I'm already looking ahead.)

January moves quickly once it starts. When we start back to work on Monday the fourth, the collection system will remain open for a week. At that point we shut down for annual maintenance and development on 11th. We also have a Council meeting the following day on the 12th, and the day after that, the General Assembly opens its legislative session.

At the Council meeting, I will be presenting a summary of degree completions for 1415 and an initial summary of fall enrollment. Nick Anderson of the Washington Post has written about enrollment challenges for a number of Virginia institutions here

You may recall that a year or so ago it was announced that Vic Borden at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was taking over the Carnegie Classification system. On Christmas Eve he released the draft 2015 Classifications.

The 2015 Update has been released for public review

The public review version of the 2015 update is now available. The "Institution Lookup-only" version of the web site does not allow access to full category, standard or custom lists. Those features will be restored after a public review period of five weeks (tentatively scheduled for February 1, 2016). The preliminary version includes access to the new "Definitions" section of the web site, which includes both descriptions of the classifications and their respective methodologies.

Individuals with questions about specific institutional classifications, or more generally about the classifications should contact the staff at the email addressccihe@iu.edu. Further staff contact information is provided here, but the classification email address is the preferred mode of contact, so we can more readily track and ensure timely responses to all questions.

The 2015 Update


The 2015 Classification update retains the same structure of six parallel classifications initially adopted in 2005. They are as follows: Basic classification (the traditional Carnegie Classification framework), Undergraduate and Graduate Instructional Program classifications, Enrollment Profile and Undergraduate Profile classifications, and Size & Setting classification. These classifications provide different lenses through which to view U.S. colleges and universities, offering researchers greater analytic flexibility. The 2015 classification employs the most recent available data from the source federal agencies (National Center for Education Statistics and National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics) and non-profit agency (The College Board). These data represent the time period of 2013-14. Further details about the data sources are available in the Definitions section.

It's going to be a pretty good year, I believe. And it is unquestionably going to have a lot of excitement. Perhaps too much.


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