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The official blog of @SCHEVResearch at the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Discussions about our work, national higher education data policy, and highlights about the data we publish.


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2016 Session Update and New Reports

by Tod Massa 12. February 2016 15:38

We are nearing cross-over in the legislative session. This is the time when bills that have been passed in one chamber are sent to the other chamber for consideration. By midnight of February 16th, each chamber is required to have finished acting on their own legislation.

The full lists of education that SCHEV has been tracking can be found here.

A few highlights:

VA HB1036 - Longitudinal data system; SCHEV to develop and maintain, report... Subcommittee recommends laying on the table. 

VA SB636 - State Council of Higher Education; longitudinal data system; rep...Passed the Senate (26-Y, 14-N)

VA HB1022 - Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; eligibility, use of fun... Subcommittee recommends laying on the table

VA SB440 - Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; eligibility; use of fund...Passed the Senate (40-Y, 0-N)

VA HB568 - Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; changes to grants. Passed House, crossed over to Senate, referred to Committee on Finance.

VA SJR86 - Pay It Forward, Pay It Back; SCHEV to study feasibility of imple...Continued to 2017. 

We've added a couple new reports (credit to Marina Moschos for her work). The first is the E51: Undergraduate Enrollment by Term and Credits Attempted. We are keeping this one simple for now, although we are open to considering different student levels or characteristics. The E12A: First-time in College Students Enrolled by Domicile provides a nice heatmap display of states and localities representing the origins of FTIC students, with a minimum of 10 students from that domicile. Fairfax County is the big winner.


E51: Undergraduate Enrollment By Term and Credits Attempted

E12A: First-time in College Students Enrolled By Domicile



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