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SAM, #CountallStudents, and the SSI

by Tod Massa 5. May 2016 15:34

There is a good article in InsideHigherEd today about the Student Achievement Metric (SAM) and the #CountAllStudents campaign to increase adoption of SAM. SAM is a good measure and very similar to Virginia's Student Success Index (SSI). Both measures find ways to include First-time in College and New Transfer Students, while accounting for student load (full-time/part-time) at entry. There are differences in each, particularly with the individual time frames for calculating degree completion. The SSI differs also from SAM in that all entrants during the same year treated as the cohort with the term of entry and the time limits adjusted by term of entry. We also provide a number of subcohorts of students for the SSI.

The key is that both measures do the same thing - count the students that haven't been counted in the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey. 

In Virginia, Secretary of Education Anne Holton has really taken a hold of the SSI as a measure of student success. It has been a successful way to broaden our discussions of degree completion.





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