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by Tod Massa 26. August 2016 22:34

1) We have five people thus far volunteering to work on the streamlined enrollment projections task force. They represent W&M, GMU, JMU, RU, and RBC.  Plenty of slots left for those that are interested. I will send an email out this next week.

2) Thank you to those who have completed submission of the DC files. We still have a couple of institutions outstanding due to staff issues. In the meantime, most completions reports on the website have been updated.

3) Thank you also to those who have completed submission of the CE files. Unfortunately, we still have about nine institutions outstanding. Please finish these up as soon as possible.

4) Once all files are in, we will start updating the cohort lifecycle reports which include the various graduation rates, Student Success Index, and transfer feedback reports. Please know that it takes quite sometime to update those because of the levels of detail and numbers of processes run.

In October, we will be briefing Council on progress towards the goals and measures of the Virginia Plan for Higher Education.  Undoubtedly we will be providing informal updates prior to that once the DC files are all in and final updates run. There is a lot of interest in degree completion progress, as evidenced by Virginia joining Complete College America (CCA). Our first release of data compiled for CCA will be in the coming weeks.

School is starting and I see lots of pictures of excited students on moving day at your institutions through Twitter. I hope this is a good year for all.



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