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Degrees and Progress

by Tod Massa 30. September 2016 21:36

If you haven't checked the website yet, we have updated the degrees awarded reports. Total degrees and certificates awarded in 2015-16 at public and independent colleges is now at 119,934, more than double in 1996-97's total of 57,929. 

In terms of the Commonwealth's goals, this means:

Award 100,000 cumulative undergraduate degrees to in-state students between 2010-11 and 2024-25.

Cumulative additional degrees awarded so far:     24,884

Increase/decrease in number of degrees awarded since last year:    1,731


Award 1.5 Million undergraduate degrees and credentials between 2014-15 and 2029-30.


Total awarded so far:    176,104

Total certificates:         28,887

Total associate's degrees:    40,272

Total bachelor's degrees:  106,945

In both cases, we appear to be in good shape to attain the desired goals that lead Virginia to becoming the best educated state in the nation. Of course, we can't relax and quit paying attention. There are ebbs and flows to degree production that follow along with enrollment levels. There can also be unforeseen impacts from policy changes, especially at the federal level - think about the impact on enrollments at HBCUs and other institutions because of changes in eligibility for PLUS loans. So, the numbers look good, but we have a long way to go.





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