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Pre-College Academic Credit

by Tod Massa 8. July 2017 08:35


We are about to release a new set of reports that detail the distribution of students with pre-college credit, by income level (our basic categories of 0 to 200%, 201 to 400%, and 401% and greater of the federal poverty level, and unknown). In looking at the aggregate numbers, it is gratifying to see that the distributions are not nearly as skewed as one might think. In fact, while these experiences are greater among wealthier students, the increases seem reasonable. What is notable that not only does Advanced Placement (AP) Credit experience increase most, but so do various combinations of AP, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Dual Enrollment (DE). Perhaps it is of more concern that between 55% and 62% arrive at college having earned no pre-college credit at public four-year institutions and even greater numbers at the combined private institutions.


I expect these will be live on the website as the E56 Report on Monday or Tuesday of next week (the second week of July).





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