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Trends in Degrees Awarded, by Race-Ethnicity

by Tod Massa 29. September 2017 23:42

Reminder, we have this, C18 Report: Trends in Degrees Awarded by Institution and Race/Ethnicity 

The percentage of bachelor's degrees earned across all reporting institutions since 1992-93:

  • by White, Non-Hispanic students has dropped from 81% to 58%;
  • by African American/Black, Non-Hispanic students has hovered around 12% to 13%;
  • by Hispanic students has grown from 1% to 6%;
  • by Asian/Pacific Island students from 4% to 7%;
  • by multi-racial students has grown from 0% to 4%;
  • by American Indian/Native American continue to hover just over 0%;
  • by Foreign students, has continued around 2% to 3%.

FYI, after a few days of clean-up, the updates to the transfer reports are running and should be completed Monday or Tuesday. Once those are complete we will start running the updates to the Subcohort/cohort lifecycle reports, which will take a few weeks to complete (they are really intense with lots of executions).



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