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Time and Attempted Credits for the Associate Degree

by Administrator 13. October 2017 17:26

Folks, I really hate when I find I or we missed anomalies or patterns in the data that lead to bad reporting, I really do. I said last week that I wanted to review the data for the public two-year colleges again because the aggregates still seemed too high. After much digging, I found where students receiving multiple degrees at the same level at the same time were inflating the averages. I apologize that we did not catch this sooner.

So these are the numbers:

Average time to degree first-time, full-time at entry: 3.6 years

Average credits attempted: 78

Average credits attempted for those completing in two years: 66

Average credits attempted for those completing in three years: 75

Average credits attempted for those completing in four years: 95

None of these seem unreasonable to me. Especially since these are "attempted credits" and not "earned credits" (those with a passing grade).  Again, my apologies for the original miscalculations.

And by the way, if you haven't noticed before, the bar charts on the Time-to-Degree tab provide the distributions of students based on the number of years it takes to complete.



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