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Reports to Council

by Tod Massa 5. January 2018 20:13

Next Tuesday, January 9th, I will be presenting to the SCHEV Resources & Planning Committee on Degree Awards for 2016-17 and fall 2017 enrollment at the public four-institutions. The highlights are in the press release here. In the Academic Affairs committee I will be discussing and demonstrating a new report on wage and debt outcomes that had been requested by Council several months ago. As part of preparing for this, we have been working on updating the wage reports with earnings from 2016. These new reports will include additional ranges on wage outcomes at the 10th percentile and 90th percentile.

A few notes about completions and enrollments that are not in the report (but are on the web):

  • This year's total bachelor's degrees (54,508) were 47 more than last year. This was based on an increase of 165 degrees to nonresident students, and a decrease of 18 degrees to Virginia residents. We've typically had significant increases in awards to in-state students.
  • It's quite possible (I haven't dug deeply into the student data yet) that the decrease in in-state bachelor's degree awards is a result of the decrease in in-state transfers (from two-year and four-year institutions) in 2015 of more than a 1,000 students. 
  • For a sector that has lost about 25,000 in student enrollment since fall 2011, the public two-years have stayed remarkably consistent in awarding degrees and certificates.  Yes, there were 669 fewer associates from the prior year, but that was a record year. The same is true for the 578 fewer longer-term certificates (at least one year, but less than two). 
  • Between 1992-93 and 2016-17, the percentage of bachelor's degrees awarded to:
  • Between 1992-93 and 2016-17, the percentage of associate's degrees awarded to:
I think Virginia has a robust system of higher education that has changed dramatically over the decades, and continues to change. Minor shifts in direction of enrollment and degree awards are to be expected. 



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