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Random Catch-up

by Tod Massa 16. March 2018 22:46

First, our apologies for the data collection site being unavailable the last couple of days. Somebody in the server farm with VITA or Northrup-Grumman did something really stupid or inattentive and left us dead in the water. Everything is up and running, it just can't found on the Internet. Hopefully this will be resolved over the weekend.

The transfer feedback reports have been updated through the 1617 cohort. They had been updated through 1516, but because of an oversight on my part, the updates were never made public. 

In the next few weeks you will receive access to review new suite of reports for post-completion wages and debt. These will add to what is on the website, not replace. These new reports also reflect the new design of research.schev.edu that we hope to release soon. I will be previewing these for Council next week, and have done so already for the Finance Advisory Committee and Instructional Programs Advisory Committee.

And again, please take time to complete the survey described and linked in last week's post.

Thank you for all you do in making Virginia the best state for higher education in the nation.



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