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Co-curricular Life

by Tod Massa 25. May 2018 16:43

Co-curricular and intramural activities are an intrinsic part of the college experience. For many, these may the source of our most intense college memories. I certainly have a few of these kinds of memories.

Last weekend, my son got married. The woman he married is not a college sweetheart, nor anyone he knew in college. She is someone he met and competed against on the professional beer pong circuit. Yes, this is a thing, if you start with premise that acceptance of prize money ends amateur status, there is a professional circuit. At one point, he was earning over $25,000 per year (after expenses) on this circuit, up and down the mid-Atlantic coast (generally between Virginia Beach and Atlantic City). Twice he went to Las Vegas for the World Series of Beer Pong in pursuit of $50K first place prize. Unfortunately, he never won the big money, but the second year, he was the only player to finish in the top ten of the four main competitions.

Of course, he mastered these skills in college. He didn't learn them there, I know that he learned them during high school, but I have heard from a number of sources of the prowess he developed at Ferrum in both beer pong and ultimate Frisbee.

There is lot of discussion today about the return on investment of college. It is a valuable and important discussion, especially as students shoulder more of the burden of the costs of college and take on debt. There are other things that happen during college that we should be mindful of as they contribute towards the development of the whole person. As we think about purpose of college, historically and in the future, I hope we never lose sight of the fact that is a human enterprise about maturation, personal growth and development, the strengthening of society through rounded, more fully developed citizens. It is about more than skills development and workforce preparation, but for every student seeking those things we should be prepared to provide those and more.

A few things:

  • I'm off to Orlando for the AIR Forum next week, and I hope to see many of our IR colleagues there.
  • I will be sending out an email asking for volunteers for the working group on transfer data and reporting soon, but don't feel you have to wait until then to volunteer. I am looking for a 10-15 members at most.
  • You may find the following Twitter discussion of interest:

You can see my entire thread here: https://twitter.com/dougledIHE/status/1000068338016575488




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