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Working Group on Transfer Data Collection & Reporting

by Tod Massa 15. June 2018 17:46

Okay, thank you everyone, we have a working group. The members are:

  • Alona Smolova (Old Dominion)
  • Angela Detlev (George Mason)
  • Cat  Finnegan (VCCS)
  • Carol Kelejian (Richard Bland)
  • Christine Ross (Hampden-Sydney)
  • Eric Lovik (Radford)
  • Joseph Defilippo  (SCHEV)
  • Kelly Feltault (Lynchburg)
  • Katherine Walker (Randolph-Macon)
  • Marina Moschos (SCHEV)
  • Melissa Shepherd (Longwood)
  • Orem, Christopher D (James Madison)
  • Paul Smith (SCHEV)
  • Roxanne Gile (Virginia Tech)
  • Scott Bevins (UVa Wise)
  • Stephen Bruce (Regent)
  • Tod Massa (SCHEV)

I hope we can reach consensus on a path forward before the open of the legislative session in January. The timing is important in case we need legislative amendments or other support. 


As a reminder, this is the key part of SB631 that we will be focusing on:
The Council shall prepare an a comprehensive annual report on the effectiveness of transferring from comprehensive community colleges to baccalaureate public institutions of higher education, including a review of the effectiveness of the use of pathway maps in achieving efficiencies and cost savings in the completion of a degree program. The report shall include the following elements: completion rates, average time to degree, credit accumulation, post-transfer student academic performance, and comparative efficiency. The Council shall adopt guidelines for data submission from public institutions of higher education necessary for such report, and all institutions shall report such data in accordance with the guidelines. The report shall be made publicly available on the Council website and on the online portal maintained pursuant to § 23.1-908

I know the tendency is to look at this and ask, "What's the minimum we can do to meet this requirement?" The answer to that depends on interpreting the phrase "comparative efficiency", understanding the patrons' intentions, and what we know of related questions that are circling, such as questions about dual enrollment (which is ultimately a specific form of transfer). There are also other transfer projects in process in the Commonwealth, and so we need to be prepared to support those. So, as I have said before, I think this is going to be a pretty big lift.



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