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Question about Terms and Sessions

by Tod Massa 18. January 2019 17:24

The Reports Coordinators at the institutions saw last week's email regarding file changes that we've talked about in the past six months. A couple of questions have arisen, one of which I would like your feedback on.

The specific question: We have 4 summer terms (technically 18) that a student could be enrolled in for a single REPPER=1 record. Which term GPA value is needed to be reported in this new field?

Great question!

And the answer: Not so fast. Since we are making changes to the CE files anyway, maybe this is the ideal time to add a session indicator to allow reporting of discrete sessions within the framework of summer, fall, and spring. Thus it might fall out something like:



This should be fairly straightforward to implement with only modest complexity and increased detail. It could also be useful for online activity. We would have terms within sessions for discrete courses, the ability to order those meaningfully. Ultimately this should help resolve many of the issues that result from some institutions submitting trailing summer v. leading summer records, and would likely be easier on all concerned than mandating leading summer as the only proper submission.

I'd like to know your thoughts in the next two weeks. Once we make a decision, we will re-issue the changes with additional clarification to address other questions folks have had.



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