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Terms and Sessions

by Tod Massa 15. February 2019 18:10

Remember this post on terms and sessions last month?

After further consideration, including feedback from some of you, I've decided to make the addition since we are making changes to the file structure for the Course Enrollment file. Session will be an optional characteristic that can be applied to an reported term. We will also include fields for the start and end date of each session.

We've also finalized the definitions for First-Generation:

Definition:                A student with no parent or guardian known to have completed at least an Associate’s degree or higher.



Comments:              Applies to all degree-seeking undergraduates (e.g. first time in college and new transfers) reported on this file.  Please note SCHEV will accept the institution’s definition of first generation students if the institution's definition does not match SCHEV’s. 





Codes:                     0 – No

                                1 – Yes

                                2 – Yes, Institutional-specific definition

                                3 – Unknown/Unreported

                                X – Institution does not collect this status


We will issue these changes formally next week, along with others you've seen previously.

Today we kicked off the 2019 Enrollment Projections and Degree Estimates process. Thank you to those that participated in the webinar today. We'll be sending out today's slide deck, the instructions, and SCHEV 2B template on Tuesday next week.



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