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TAGP File Changes

by Tod Massa 1. March 2019 16:52

My apologies for the last minute notice on this change. Apparently we missed this last year:

During the 2018 General Assembly session, language was added to the Appropriations Act that stated undergraduate students pursuing a career in teaching shall receive an additional $500 TAGP award in their senior year (see Item 141, section D of the Appropriations Act).   


This new policy affects the upcoming 2018-19 TAGP data file collection.   In order to meet reporting requirements of this policy, we added another program type code of "6" (Undergraduates pursuing a career in teaching), which should be reported under the "FALLLEV" and/or "SPRLEV" fields.  In the regular TAGP term amount fields (e.g. FALLTAGP/SPRTAGP), report the regular TAGP term amount plus the additional TAGP term award the student received.

Starting with the 2019-20 collection, two fields will be added to the TAGP file so institutions may report the additional TAGP term amount separate from the regular TAGP term amount fields.   We will send more information (e.g. field names, definitions, reporting policy) to the report coordinators about the new fields in the next couple of months.    



Item 141 of the Appropriations Act (https://budget.lis.virginia.gov/item/2018/2/HB5002/Chapter/1/141/):


D. Tuition Assistance Grant Program


1. Payments to students out of this appropriation shall not exceed $3,300 the first year and $3,350 the second year for qualified undergraduate students and $2,200 the first year and $2,200 the second year for qualified graduate and medical students attending not-for-profit, independent institutions in accordance with § 23.1-628 through § 23.1-635, Code of Virginia. However, for those undergraduate students pursuing a career in teaching, payments shall be increased by an additional $500 in their senior year.



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