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By Tod Massa
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Wendell tells me that the enrollment projections are rolling in. That's good news. Some institutions have asked for extensions, if others have a need, please let Wendell or me know.

The student debt reports have been updated for the graduates of 2015-16. I don't see anything surprising, other than a tiny decrease or highly stable numbers. I think we are pretty much to the point where median debt for a bachelor's degree is simply at the borrower limit for for subsidized Stafford loans for students that complete in four years. Given the growth in student debt over the last decade, it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

1. 52% of all graduates at all levels have debt. 48% graduate without debt. At the bachelor's degree level, 62% of graduates have debt; 38% do not. (details)

2. Median student debt for bachelor's degree graduates is $26,929 in 2015-16. That's up from $25,000 in 2011-12. (details)

3. Median PLUS debt for bachelor's degree graduates is $24,570 in 2015-16. That's up from $18,6255 in 2011-12.(details)

4. Total median debt for bachelor's degree graduates (student debt plus PLUS debt) is $30,102 in 2015-16. It was $27,000 in 2011-12. (details)

5. The number of bachelor's degree graduates with debt has increased from 59% of the total graduates in 2011-12 to 63% in 2015-16, representing approximately 6,000 additional graduates with debt over the period. (This excludes PLUS.) (details)

6. Approximately 7.4% of bachelor's degree graduates (3,986 graduates) have student debt greater than $50,000.(details)

7. At the master'sdoctoral and first professional levels, the number of graduates with debt and the amount of debt also has increased between 2011-12 and 2015-16. (This includes PLUS.) 

8. A larger percentage of bachelor's degree graduates from private colleges (70% of total) have debt than graduates from public colleges (58%), and the amount they borrow is somewhat higher than graduates from public colleges ($28,524 to $26,718).

9. Bachelor's degree graduates from Virginia borrow at about the same rate as out-of-state graduates (63% to 60%). Median debt for Virginia borrowers is about $1,000 lower than debt for out-of-state graduates ($27,000 to $26,000). (details)

10. Graduates of the state's largest undergraduate bachelor's degree programs borrow at roughly the same level. (details)

11. Students at the master'sdoctoral and first professional levels graduate with significantly more debt than undergraduate students.


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