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Degree Awards for 2016-17
By Tod Massa
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This past week I presented the enrollment projections and degree estimates to the Council as a discussion item for action in October. If you note in the agenda item, there are four institutions Wendell will be following up with (if he hasn't already) because of inconsistencies in their SCHEV 2B submission. Thank you all for getting your submissions in on time for DC, CE, and EEE. This was the first year in a while that I could give a complete briefing at the September meeting.

The basic numbers are these from the Completion Scorecard:

Most Recent Year Degree Awards
DegreePublic Two-yearsPublic Four-yearsPrivate Four-yearsTotal
Certificates 14,261 115 449 14,825
Associate's 18,419 53 1,366 19,838
Bachelor's 0 37,986 16,520 54,506
First Professional's 0 1,364 1,734 3,098
Master's 0 10,777 10,345 21,122
Doctor's 0 1,867 1,021 2,888
Post-grad Certificates 0 1,543 1,018 2,561
Total Degrees 18,419 52,047 30,986 101,452
Total Awards 32,680 53,705 32,453 118,838

Award 100,000 cumulative undergraduate degrees to in-state students between 2010-11 and 2024-25.
Cumulative additional degrees awarded so far: 31,219
Increase/decrease in number of degrees awarded since last year: -566
Award 1.5 Million undergraduate degrees and credentials between 2014-15 and 2029-30.
Total awarded so far: 265,217
Total certificates: 43,656
Total associate's degrees: 60,110
Total bachelor's degrees: 161,451

I estimate that we will hit 114,000 for the TJ21 goal at our current rate, and that we will also achieve the Virginia Plan goal in 2030. As long as things continue along our current path. My presentation can be found here.

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