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C19: Completions by Broad Program, Race/Ethnicity and Federal Poverty Level

Notes: Income range (i.e. lower, middle and upper) is defined by the federal poverty level (FPL). For this report, the range represents the highest income range of the student while enrolled in a broad program area. "Lower Income Range" 0 to 200% of FPL. "Middle Income Range" 201 to 400% of FPL. "Upper Income Range" 401% of FPL and above. "Not Applicable": the number of certificate/degree-seeking students who did not apply for need-based financial aid or who were not reported on the financial aid file during the regular session.

Double majors are included in the completion counts. Due to small counts, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (NH) was reported under the Asian (NH) race/ethnicity category. NH: Not Hispanic or Latinx.

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by Broad Program and Federal Poverty Level
YearRace/Ethinicity#% Lower Income Range% Middle Income Range% Upper Income Range% Not Applicable