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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Pre-Medicine (51.1102)CERT
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Cybersecurity (11.1003)BPS
Integrated Info, Science & Tech (11.0101)BPS
Nursing (51.3801)BSN
Pharmacogenomics (26.0806)BSHS
Police Science (43.0107)BPS
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Applied Quantitiative Risk Analysis (27.0599)CERT
Aviation Safety (49.0101)CERT
Computer Engineering (14.0901)CERT
Computer Fraud Investigation (43.0199)CERT
Computer Security and Info Assurance (11.0501)CERT
Criminal Justice (43.0103)CERT
Education Administration (13.0401)CERT
Engineering and Technology Management (15.1501)CERT
Health Care Corporate Compliance (51.2211)CERT
HS Emergency Prep and Response (51.0904)CERT
Human Resource Development (52.1001)CERT
Industrial Engineering (14.3501)CERT
IT for Clinicians Public Health (51.0706)CERT
Landscape Design (04.0601)CERT
Law Firm Management (22.0399)CERT
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)CERT
Prof. Service Firm Leadership (52.0204)CERT
Public Relations (09.0900)CERT
School Counseling (13.1101)CERT
Survey Design and Data Analysis (27.0501)CERT
Telecom and National Security (09.9999)CERT
Master's Degree
Art Therapy (51.2301)MA
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Civil and Environmental Engineering (14.0801)MS
Computer Engineering (14.0901)MS
Computer Fraud Investigation (43.0199)MA
Computer Science (11.0101)MS
Criminal Justice (43.0103)MA
Criminal Justice Studies (43.0104)MA
Cybersecurity Strategy & Info Mgmt (43.0303)MPS
Early Childhood Special Education (13.1015)MA
Education Administration (13.0401)MA
Educational Technology (13.1321)MA
Electrical Engineering (14.1001)MS
Engineering Management (15.1501)MS
Family Nurse Practitioner (51.3805)MS
Finance (27.0305)MSF
Forensic Psychology (42.2812)MA
Forensic Sciences (40.9999)MFS
High-Tech Crime Investigation (43.0402)MS
Human Resource Development (52.1001)MA
Industrial Engineering (14.3501)MS
Information Systems (11.0401)MSIST
Landscape Design (04.0601)MPS
Management Information Systems (52.1201)MSIST
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (14.9999)MS
Organizational Behavior (52.1003)MA
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)MPS
Prof. Service Firm Management (52.0204)MPS
Publishing (09.1001)MPS
School Counseling (13.1101)MA
Sec Special Ed & Transitiom (13.1019)MA
Secondary Education (13.1205)MED
Security & Safety Leadership (43.0112)MPS
Special Education (13.1001)MA
Strategic Cyber Ops & Info Mgmt (43.0403)MPS
Strategic Public Relations (09.0902)MPS
Sustainable Urban Planning (04.0301)MPS
Systems Engineering (14.2701)MS
Telecommunication (09.9999)MA
Post-Master's Certificate
Education Administration (13.0401)EDS
Doctor's Degree
Civil and Environmental Engineering (14.0801)DSC
Education Administration (13.0401)EDD
Electrical Engineering (14.1001)DSC
Engineering Management (15.1501)DSC
Higher Education Administration (13.0406)EDD
Human Resource Development (52.1001)EDD
Industrial Engineering (14.3501)DSC
Translational Health Sciences (51.1401)PHD

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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