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Averett University

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Liberal Arts (24.0101)AA
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Aerospace Management (49.0101)BA/BS
Aerospace Management and Criminal Justice (49.0199)BA/BS
African and African American Studies (05.0201)BAS
Applied Data Analytics (30.7102)BAS
Art (50.0701)BA
Art History (50.0703)BAS
Biochemistry (26.0202)BA/BS
Biological Sciences (26.0101)BA/BS/BAS
Business Administration (52.0201)BA/BS/BAS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS/BAS
Coaching (31.0501)BA/BS/BAS
Communication (09.0101)BA/BS/BAS
Computer Information Systems (11.0401)BA/BS/BAS
Computer Science (11.0701)BA/BS/BAS
Cyber Security (43.0303)BAS
Digital Marketing (52.1401)BAS
Economics (52.0601)BAS
English (23.0101)BA/BAS
English/History (30.4501)BA
English/Theatre (50.0505)BA
Equestrian Studies (01.0507)BA/BS/BAS
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (51.2313)BAS
Equine Science (01.0307)BAS
eSports and Gaming Administration (11.0204)BAS
French (16.0901)BAS
Health and Sport Science (51.0001)BA/BS/BAS
History (54.0101)BA/BAS
History and Politics (30.4601)BA/BS
Homeland Security (43.0301)BAS
Hospitality Management and Tourism (52.0901)BAS
Integrative Health Psychology (42.2810)BAS
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.0000)BA/BS
IT Project Managment (11.1005)BAS
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS/BAS
Modern Language and Culture (16.9999)BA
Music (50.0901)BA/BAS
Musical Theatre (50.0509)BAS
Nursing: Entry Into Practice (51.3801)BSN
Political Science (45.1001)BA/BS/BAS
Psychology (42.0101)BA/BS/BAS
Public Health (51.2207)BAS
Religion (38.0201)BA/BAS
Small Business and Entrepreneurship (52.0703)BAS
Sociology (45.1101)BA/BS/BAS
Sociology and Criminal Justice (43.0103)BA/BS/BAS
Spanish (16.0905)BAS
Sports Administration (31.0504)BA/BS/BAS
Sports Communication (09.0906)BAS
Sports Medicine (26.0908)BA/BS
Studio Art (50.0702)BAS
Teaching Licensure in Elementary Education (Virginia) (13.1206)BA/BS
Teaching Licensure in English: Grades 6-12 (Virginia) (13.1305)BA
Teaching Licensure in Health and Physical Education Grades PK-12 (Virginia) (13.1314)BA/BS
Teaching Licensure in History and Social Science: Grades 6-12 (Virginia) (13.1318)BA/BS
Teaching Licensure in Instrumental Music: Grades PK-12 (Virginia) (13.1312)BA
Teaching Licensure in Mathematics: Grades 6-12 (Virginia) (13.1311)BA/BS
Teaching Licensure in Special Education / General Curriculum: Grades K-12 (Virginia) (13.1001)BA/BS
Teaching Licensure in Theatre: Grades PK-12 (Virginia) (13.1324)BA
Theatre (50.0501)BA/BFA/BAS
Visual Arts with Teaching Licensure: Grades PK-12 (Virginia) (13.1302)BA
Web and Graphic Design (50.0401)BAS
Women's and Gender Studies (05.0207)BAS
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Administration and Supervision (13.0401)GRAD CERT
Applied Data Analytics (30.7102)GRAD CERT
Applied Healthcare Data Analytics (51.0701)GRAD CERT
Gifted Education: Virginia Endorsement for Licensed Educators (13.1004)GRAD CERT
Reading Specialist: Virginia Endorsement for Licensed Educators (13.1315)GRAD CERT
Special Education: Virginia Endorsement for LIcensed Educators (13.1001)GRAD CERT
Master's Degree
Administration and Supervision (13.0401)MED
Applied Data Analytics (30.7102)MS
Applied Healthcare Data Analytics (51.0701)MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Criminal Justice (43.0103)MS
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MED
Family Nurse Practitioner (51.3805)MSN
K-8 Mathematics Specialist: Virginia Endorsement for Licensed Educators (13.1311)MED
Special Education (13.1001)MED
Post-Master's Certificate
Emergency Nurse Practitioner (51.3816)CERT
Family Nurse Practitioner (51.3805)CERT

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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