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Blue Ridge Community College

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
Accounting (52.0399)CSC
Applied Mechatronics (15.0613)CSC
Automotive Analysis and Repair (47.0604)CSC
Aviation Maintenance Tech (47.0607)CSC
Career Studies (51.1599)CSC
Certified Nurse Aide Bridge (51.3901)CSC
Computer Aided Drafting & (15.1302)CSC
Early Childhood Development (19.0709)CSC
Electrical Electronics (15.0303)CSC
Engineering Assistant (15.0000)CSC
Fine Arts (50.0101)CSC
Health Information Technol (51.0707)CSC
Industrial Maintenance (15.0699)CSC
Information Systems Techno (11.0101)CSC
Introduction to Agriculture (01.0101)CSC
Leadership (28.0602)CSC
Liberal Arts (24.0103)CSC
Management (52.0299)CSC
Mechatronics (46.0302)CSC
Mental Health Services, Other (51.1599)CERT
Multimedia Design (50.0401)CSC
Police Science (43.0103)CSC
Pre-Emergency Medical Services (51.0904)CSC
Pre-Funeral Services (12.0301)CSC
Pre-Nursing (51.3801)CSC
Pre-Respiratory Therapy (51.0908)CSC
Veterinary Technology (01.8301)CSC
Word Processing (52.0499)CSC
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Admin Asst/Secretarial Sci, Gen (52.0499)CERT
Airframe Maintenance (47.0607)CERT
Business Management & Operations (52.0299)CERT
Elec & Elec Engin-Related Tech, Oth (15.0399)CERT
Indust Production Technol/Tech, Oth (15.0699)CERT
Paramedic (51.0904)CERT
Power Plant Maintenance (47.0608)CERT
Uniform Certificate of General Studies (24.0199)CERT
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Business Administration (52.0201)AS
Computer Science (11.0701)AS
Education (13.0101)AS
Engineering (14.0101)AS
General Science (30.0101)AS
General Studies (24.0102)AS
Liberal Arts (24.0103)AA
Liberal Arts & Sciences, Gen Stud & Hum, Oth (24.0101)AAS
Social Sciences (45.0101)AS
Associate's Degree (Occ/Tech Credit)
Accounting and Related Services (52.0399)AAS
Advanced Manufacturing Technology (15.0613)AAS
Automotive Analysis and Repair (47.0604)AAS
Aviation Maintenance Technology (47.0607)AAS
Business Management & Operations (52.0299)AAS
Computer and Information Science (11.0101)AAS
Criminal Justice (43.0103)AAS
Early Childhood Development (19.0709)AAS
Electrical/Electronics Technology (15.0303)AAS
Emergency Medical Services (51.0904)AAS
Engineering Technology (15.0899)AAS
Industrial Technology (15.0612)AAS
Nursing (51.3801)AAS
Social Health Services (51.1599)AAS
Veterinary Technology (01.8301)AAS

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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