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Bluefield University

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)AS
General Studies (24.0102)AS
Medical Laboratory Technology (51.1004)AS
Ministry Leadership (39.0705)AA
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Allied Health (51.1504)BS
Allied Health - Administration (51.0705)BS
Allied Health - Education (51.0799)BS
Art Business (50.1002)BA
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (51.3801)BS
Biology (26.0101)BS
Biology Education (13.1322)BS
Business - Accounting (52.0301)BS
Business - Computer Info System (52.1201)BS
Business - Management (52.0201)BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BS
Chemistry Teacher Education (13.1323)BS
Christian Ministries (39.9999)BA/BS
Christian Studies (38.0203)BA/BS
Communication (09.0100)BA/BS
Communication Arts (09.0101)BA/BS
Computer Science (11.0701)BS
Criminal Justice (43.0104)BA/BS
Cyber Security (11.1003)BS
Drama/Theatre (50.0501)BA
E-Business Entrepreneurship (52.0208)BS
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)BS
Education - Art Education (13.1302)BA
Education - Business (13.1303)BS
Education - Elementary Education (13.1202)BS
Education - English (13.1305)BS
Education - Health and Physical Education (13.1314)BS
Education - History and Social Science 6-12 Education (13.1317)BA
Education - Math Education (13.1311)BS
Education - Music (13.1312)BA
Education - Teacher (13.1001)BS
English (23.0101)BA
Fine Arts - Art (50.0701)BA
Forensic Science (43.0406)BS
General Studies (24.0101)BS
General Studies/Undecided (24.0102)BS
Graphic Communication (10.0301)BA
History (54.0101)BA
Human Services (44.0000)HUMDC
Information Technology (11.0101)BS
Int Dis Equitation (01.0507)BS
Interdisp Studies-Education (30.9999)BA/BS
Management of Human Resources (52.1001)BA/BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BS
Ministry Leadership (39.0705)BA
Music (50.0901)BA
Nursing (51.3811)BS
Organizational Leadership (52.0213)BA/BS
Organizational Management and Leadership (52.1003)BA/BS
Physical Education (31.0501)BA/BS
Psychology (42.0101)BA/BS
Psychology/Behavioral Science (42.9999)BA/BS
Religion/Philosophy (38.9999)BA
Social Studies (45.0101)BA/BS
Sociology (45.1101)BA/BS
Sports and Fitness Administration/Management (31.0504)BS
Sports Medicine (51.0913)BA/BS
Sports/Exercise Sports and Science (31.0505)BS
Theater (36.0117)BA
Wellness and Fitness (31.0599)BA/BS
Youth Ministry (39.0702)BA
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Certificate (51.3810)GRAD CERT
Master's Degree
Biomedical Sciences (26.0102)MA
Business Administration, Finance (52.0801)MBA
Business Administration, Health Care (52.0299)MBA
Business Administration, Leadership (52.0213)MBA
Counselor Education - Clinical Mental Health (51.1508)MA
Counselor Education - School Counseling (13.1101)MA
Education in Teaching Excellence (13.0301)MAEDU
Education Leadership (Master's Degree) (13.0401)MA
Family Nurse Practioner (51.3805)MSN
Human Services (51.1599)MA
Master in Business Administration, Justice Administration (52.0201)MBA
Master of Arts Teaching Health Sciences (13.1327)MA
Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership and Education (51.3818)MSN
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (51.3810)MSN

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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