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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
American Studies (05.0102)BA
Anthropology (45.0201)BA
Biology (26.0101)BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BBA
Chemistry (40.0501)BS
Chinese Language and Culture (05.0123)BA
Classical Studies (16.1200)BA
Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (27.0503)BS
Computer Science (11.0701)BA/BS
Data Science (30.7001)BS
Economics (45.0601)BA
Elementary Education (13.1202)BAED
English (23.0101)BA
Fine Arts, General (50.0701)BA
French and Francophone Studies (16.0901)BA
Geology (40.0601)BS
Government (45.1001)BA
History (54.0101)BA
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)BA/BS
International Relations (45.0901)BA
International Studies (05.0199)BA
Japanese Studies (16.0302)BA
Kinesiology (31.0501)BA/BS
Linguistics (16.0102)BA
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Music (50.0901)BA
Neuroscience (26.1501)BS
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Physics (40.0801)BS
Psychology (42.0101)BA/BS
Public Policy (44.0501)BA
Religion (38.0201)BA
Sociology (45.1101)BA
Spanish (16.0905)BA
Theatre (50.0501)BA
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Autism Spectrum Disorder (13.1013)GRAD CERT
Business Analytics Foundations (52.1301)GRAD CERT
Classical Studies (16.1200)CERT
Corporate Finance (52.0801)GRAD CERT
Data and Computer Sciences (30.7099)GRAD CERT
Educational Leadership (13.0401)POST-PROF CERT
English as a Second Language (13.1401)CERT
Geographic Information Science (45.0702)CERT
Gifted Education (13.1004)GRAD CERT
Investment Management (52.0807)GRAD CERT
Reading Specialist (13.1315)POST-PROF CERT
Special Education, 6-12 (13.1019)POST-PROF CERT
Special Education, K-6 (13.1017)POST-PROF CERT
First Professional Degree
Law (22.0101)JD
Master's Degree
Accounting (27.0305)MAC
American Legal Studies (22.0203)LLM
American Studies (05.0102)MA
Anthropology (45.0201)MA
Applied Science (30.0101)MS
Biology (26.0101)MA/MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Business Analytics (52.1301)MS
Chemistry (40.0501)MA/MS
Computer Science (11.0101)MS
Counseling (13.1101)MED
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MAED
Educational Leadership (13.0401)MED
Finance (52.0801)MS
History (54.0101)MA
Marine Science (26.1302)MA/MS
Marketing (52.1401)MS
Master of Legal Studies (22.9999)MLS
Physics (40.0801)MA/MS
Psychological Sciences (42.0101)MS
Public Policy (44.0501)MPP
School Psychology (42.2806)MED
Post-Master's Certificate
English as a Second Language (13.1401)CERT
School Psychology (42.2806)EDS
Doctor's Degree
American Studies (05.0102)PHD
Anthropology (45.0201)PHD
Applied Science (30.0101)PHD
Computer Science (11.0101)PHD
Counselor Education (13.1101)EDD/PHD
Ed Policy Planning & Leadership (13.0499)EDD/PHD
History (54.0101)PHD
Marine Science (26.1302)PHD
Physics (40.0801)PHD

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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