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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
A.A. in Christian Studies (38.0203)CERT
A.A. in General Studies (24.0102)CERT
A.A. in History (54.0101)CERT
A.A. in Information Systems (11.0101)CERT
A.S. in Business (52.0201)CERT
A.S. in Criminal Justice (43.0103)CERT
A.S. in Health Sciences (51.0001)CERT
A.S. in Psychology (42.0101)CERT
Biblical Studies (39.0201)CERT
Christian Ministry (39.0705)CERT
CISCO Networking (11.0901)CERT
English (23.0101)CERT
Int'l Relations/Foreign Policy (45.0901)CERT
Leadership (52.1003)CERT
Practical Ministry (39.0699)CERT
Professional Communication (09.0101)CERT
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
A.A. in Business (52.0201)CERT
A.A. in Christian Studies (38.0203)CERT
A.A. in Criminal Justice (43.0103)CERT
A.A. in General Studies (24.0102)CERT
A.A. in History (54.0101)CERT
A.A. in Information Systems (11.0101)CERT
A.A. in Psychology (42.0101)CERT
Advertising & Marketing (09.0903)CERT
Biblical Studies (39.0201)CERT
Certificate of Undergraduate Studies in CISCO Networking (11.0901)CUGS
Christ.Couns./Lay People Certificate (39.0705)CERT
Communication Studies (09.0101)CERT
Counseling/Psychologic Studies (42.2803)CERT
Cyber Practitioner Preparation (43.0404)CERT
Financial Management (52.0801)CERT
Healthcare Studies (51.0701)CERT
Human Resources (52.1001)CERT
Int'l Relations/Foreign Policy (45.0901)CERT
Leadership Coaching (52.1003)CERT
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
A.S. in Health Sciences (51.0001)AS
Accounting (52.0301)AA
Business (52.0201)AA
Christian Studies (38.0203)AA
Criminal Justice (43.0103)AA
General Studies (24.0102)AA
History (54.0101)AA
Human Resource Management (52.1001)AA
Information Systems (11.0101)AA
International Business (52.1101)AA
Leadership (52.1003)AA
Marketing (52.1401)AA
Psychology (42.0101)AA
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)BS
Animation (10.0304)BA
B.A. in Law (22.0000)BA
B.F.A. in Graphic Arts (50.0409)BFA
B.S. in Business Analytics (30.7102)BS
B.S. in Computer Engineering (14.0901)BS
B.S. in Cyber and Digital Forensics (43.0403)BS
B.S. in Gerontology (30.1101)BS
B.S. in Management (52.0101)BS
B.S. in Management Information Systems (11.1099)BS
B.S. in Systems Engineering (14.2701)BS
Bachelor of Arts - Undeclared Major (24.0102)BA
BFA in Acting (50.0506)BFA
Biblical & Theological (39.0601)BA
Biblical & Theological Studies (39.0201)BA
Biophysical Sciences (30.0101)BS
Business (52.0201)BS
Christian Leadership & Management (52.0213)BS
Christian Ministry (39.0705)BA
Christian Ministry (39.0604)BA
Communication (09.0101)BA
Computer Science (11.0701)BS
Criminal Justice (43.0103)BS
Cybersecurity (43.0404)BS
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)BS
Elementary Education (PreK-6) (13.9999)BA
English (23.0101)BA
Film and Television (50.0601)BFA
Financial Management (52.0801)BS
Global Business (52.1101)BS
Government (44.0501)BA
Healthcare Management (51.0701)BS
History (54.0101)BA
Human Resource Management (52.1001)BS
Information Systems Technology (11.0401)BAS
Information Systems Technology (11.0101)BS
Interdisciplinary Studies (13.1399)BS
International Studies (30.2001)BA
Journalism (09.0401)BA
Law and National Security (45.0999)BA
Management & Leadership (52.0299)BAS
Marketing (52.1401)BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BS
Music (50.0904)BM
Music Leadership (50.0999)BM
Nursing (51.3801)BSN
Organizational Behavior Studies/Org. Leadership (52.1003)BS
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)BS
Political Communication (09.0904)BA
Political Science (45.1001)BS
Politics and History (45.1099)BA
Professional Studies (30.9999)BS
Psychology (42.0101)BS
Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
Religious Studies (39.0699)BA
Religious Studies (39.0602)BA
Secondary English (13.1305)BED
Secondary Mathematics (13.1311)BED
Theater (50.0501)BA
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Bible/Biblical Studies (39.0201)PBC
Cert in Christian Formation and Spirituality (38.0203)CGS
Cert. of Graduate Studies - Reading Specialist (13.1315)N/A
Certificate of Graduate Studies (13.1101)CGS
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism (13.1013)N/A
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Education (13.9999)N/A
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Leadership (52.0213)CGS
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Leadership (52.1003)N/A
CGS in Cosmogony (40.0101)CGS
CGS in Divinity (39.0301)CGS
CGS in Divinity Biblical Languages (16.1103)CGS
CGS in Education (13.1399)CGS
CGS in Education (13.0406)CGS
CGS in Spiritual Formation (38.9999)CGS
Church History (54.0199)GRAD CERT
Cyber Practitioner Preparation (43.0404)GRAD CERT
Education (13.1004)CGS
eLearning Design Certificate (13.1599)CERT
Health Care Policy and Administration (44.9999)CERT
Human Services Counseling (51.1599)N/A
International Politics (45.0901)CERT
Marketplace Ministry (39.0602)CGS
National Security Affairs (45.0902)CGS
National Security Studies (45.0999)GRAD CERT
Online Ministry (39.0799)GRAD CERT
Political Management (45.1001)CERT
Practical Ministry (39.0699)CERT
Public Administration (44.0401)CERT
Teaching English as Second Language (13.1401)PBC
Terrorism and Homeland Defense (44.0501)CERT
Theatre Arts Studies (50.0501)GRAD CERT
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)PBC
First Professional Degree
Biblical Literature & Language (39.0201)MDIV
Divinity/Ministry (39.0602)MDIV
Law (22.0101)JD
Missiology (39.0301)MAM
Practical Theology (39.0601)MAPT
Master's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)MBA
Acting and Directing (50.0506)MA
Administration of Special Education (13.0402)EDS
Advanced Practice Reg Nursing (51.3818)MSN
Bible/Biblical Studies (39.0201)MA
Business & Design Management (52.0703)MA
Business Admin & Mgmt, General (52.0201)MA/MBA
Campaigns & Poli Leadership (45.1099)MA
Church Leadership (52.0213)MA
Clinical Psychology (42.2801)MCP
Communication (50.0101)MFA
Communications, General (09.0101)MA
Communications, Other (09.9999)MA
Community Org, Resources, & Svcs (44.0201)MA
Counseling Psychology (42.2803)MA
Cross-Categorical Special Ed (13.1001)MED
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MA
Cybersecurity (43.0403)MS
Discipleship for Ministry (39.0401)MED
Dramatic/Theater Arts and Stagecraft (50.0599)MA/MFA
Ed of the Specific Learning Disabled (13.1011)MA
Ed. Admin. Supervision, General (13.0401)MA
Education, Other (13.9999)MA
Educational Supervision (13.0404)MA
Film-Cinema Studies (50.0601)MA
Film-Video Making/Cinematog & Production (50.0602)MA
Franchising (52.0702)MBA
Health Care Policy & Administration (44.9999)MA
International Development (45.0604)MA
International Politics (45.0901)MA
Journalism (09.0401)MA
Journalism and Mass Comm, Other (09.0499)MA
Law/International Taxation (22.0299)LLM/MIT
M.A. in Christian Discipleship (39.0705)MA
M.A. in Christian Spirituality & Formation (39.0602)MA
M.A. in Church Leadership (39.9999)MA
M.A. in Church Planting (39.0302)MA
M.A. in Financial Planning & Law (52.0804)MA
M.A. in Human Services (51.1504)MA
M.A. in National Security Studies (45.0999)MA
M.A. in Product Management (52.0210)MA
M.S. in Business Analytics (30.7102)MS
M.S. in Cosmogony (40.0101)MS
M.S. in Health Information Systems Administration (51.2706)MS
M.S. in Nursing (51.3802)MSN
MA in Counseling (13.1101)MA
MA in Human Services Counseling (51.1599)MA
Marketing (52.1401)MBA/MA
Marriage, Couple & Family Coun (51.1505)MA
Mass Communications (09.0102)MAC
Master of Arts - Human Resource Management (52.1001)MA
Master of Arts in Law (22.9999)MA
Master of Ed - Reading Specialist CERT (13.1315)MED
Master of Education (13.0501)MED
Master of Education - Mathematics Education (13.1311)MED
Master of Laws - American Legal Studies (22.0203)LLM
Missions/Missionary Studies & Misology (39.0301)MA
Not-for-Profit Leadership (52.0206)MA
Online Ministry (39.0799)MA
Organizational Behavior Studies/Org. Leadership (52.1003)MA/MOL
Pastoral Counseling (51.1506)MA
Playwriting and Screenwriting (50.0504)MA/MFA
Political Management (45.1001)MA
Psychology, General (42.0101)MA
Pub Relations & Organizat Communication (09.0902)MA
Public Administration (44.0401)MA
Public Policy Analysis (44.0501)MA/MPA/MPM
Radio and Television Broadcasting (09.0701)MA
School Psychology (42.2805)PMC
Teacher Education, Elementary (13.1202)MA
Teacher Education, Multiple Levels (13.1206)MA
Teacher Education, Pre-Elementary (13.1209)MA
Teaching English as Second Language (13.1401)MAC
Theater Ministry (50.0501)MA
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)MA
Post-Master's Certificate
Adult Education (13.1201)CAGS
Cert of Advanced Counseling Studies (13.1101)CACS
Cert. of Advance Graduate Studies (13.9999)CAGS
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (52.0213)CAGS
Counseling Psychology (42.2803)PMC
Ed. Admin. Supervision, General (13.0401)EDS
Educational Psychology (42.2806)CAGS
Higher Education (13.0406)CAGS
Law (22.9999)CERT
Organizational Behavior Studies (52.1003)CERT
Post-Master's Certificate Education (13.0402)CPM
Doctor's Degree
Adult/Staff Development (13.1201)PHD
Advanced Educational Leadership (13.0401)PHD
Clinical Psychology (42.2801)PHD/PSYD
Communications, General (09.0101)PHD
Counselor Education (42.2803)PHD
Doctorate of Strategic Communication (09.0909)DSC
Education Specialist in Mathematics Leadership (13.1311)EDS
Education, Other (13.9999)EDD
Educational Leadership (13.0499)EDS
Educational Psychology (42.2806)EDD
Government (45.1001)PHD
Higher Education Leadership (13.0406)EDD
Mass Communications (09.0102)PHD
Missions/Missionary Studies & Misology (39.0301)DMIN
Nursing Admin and Leadership (51.3802)DMA
Organizational Leadership/Strategic Leadership (52.1003)PHD/DSL
PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision (13.1101)PHD
PhD Renewal Studies - Biblical Studies Major (39.0201)PHD
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)DMIN

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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