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Eastern Virginia Medical School

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Surgical Assistant (51.0909)CERT
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Anatomy Certificate (26.0403)CERT
Applied Data Science Graduate Certificate (51.0706)CERT
Clinical Embryology (26.0905)CERT
Core Public Health Certificate (51.2201)CERT
Epidemiology Certificate (26.1309)CERT
Graduate Certificate in Simulation Program Management (13.0406)CERT
Health Care Management Certificate (51.0701)CERT
Heathcare Analytics Certificate (26.1103)CERT
Physician Assistant (51.0912)CERT
Surgical Assistant (Graduate Level) (51.0909)CERT
First Professional Degree
Medical Doctor (51.1201)MD
Master's Degree
Art Therapy and Counseling (51.2301)MSATC
Biomedical Sciences (51.1199)MS
Biomedical Sciences - Research (26.9999)MS
Healthcare Administration (51.0702)MHA
Healthcare Delivery Science (51.0701)MS
Histotechnology (51.1007)MS
Laboratory Animal Science (01.8102)MS
Master of Anatomical Sciences (26.0403)MSA
Master of Health Care Analytics (26.1103)MHCA
Medical and Health Professions Education (13.0406)MHPE
Pathologists' Assistant (51.0811)MHSPA
Physician Assistant (51.0912)MPA
Public Health (51.2201)MPH
Reproductive Clinical Sciences (26.0905)MS
Surgical Assisting (51.9999)MS
Post-Master's Certificate
Physician Assistant Fellowship in Pediatric Urgent Care (61.1907)CERT
Doctor's Degree
Biomedical Sciences (26.9999)PHD
Clinical Psychology (w/ODU and NSU) (42.2801)PHD
Doctor of Health Sciences (51.0702)DHSC
Doctor of Medical & Health Professions Educatioin (13.0406)DMHPE
Doctor of Medical Science (51.0912)DMSC
Doctor of Occupational Therapy (51.2306)DOT
Reproductive Clinical Sciences (26.0905)PHD

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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