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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Anthropology (45.0201)BA
Art - Teacher Preparation (13.1302)BA
Art – Studio (50.0702)BA
Art, General (50.0701)BA
Art, Graphic Design (50.0409)BA
Art, Other (50.0101)BA
Athletic Training (51.0913)BA/BS
Biology - Teacher Preparation (13.1322)BA/BS
Biology, General (26.0101)BA/BS
Business - Teacher Preparation (13.1303)BS
Business Administration & Management, General (52.0201)BS
Business with Accounting (52.0301)BS
Chemistry - Applied Health Sciences (40.0599)BA
Chemistry - Teacher Preparation (13.1323)BA/BS
Chemistry, General (40.0501)BA/BS
Civic Innovation (33.0104)BA
Computer Science (11.0701)BA
East Asian Studies (05.0104)BA
Economics, General (45.0601)BA
Engineering Science (14.1301)BS
English - Pre-Professional Publishing (09.1001)BA
English Language & Lit, General (23.0101)BA
English Literature and Creative Writing (23.1302)BA
English/Language Teacher Preparation (13.1305)BA
Environmental Studies-Policy (03.0103)BS
Environmental Studies-Science (03.0104)BA
Equine Studies (01.0507)BA/BS
European Community Studies (05.0106)BA
Exercise Science - Clinical Health Professions (31.0505)BS
Exercise Science - Fitness & Wellness (31.0507)BS
French Language and Literature (16.0901)BA
French Teacher Preparation (13.1325)BA
French-Cultural Studies (05.0124)BA
Geography (45.0701)BA
Geography Teach Prep (13.1332)BA
History - Teacher Education (13.1328)BA
History, General (54.0101)BA
History, Other (54.0199)BA
Interdisciplinary English - Education (13.0101)BA
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (30.0801)BA
Interdisciplinary Social Studies (13.1318)BA
International Studies (45.0901)BA
International Studies and Business (52.1101)BA/BS
Law and Politics (45.1002)BA
Liberal Arts - General Studies (24.0101)BA
Library and Information Technology (25.0101)BA
Mass Communications (09.0102)BA
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Mathematics Teacher Preparation (13.1311)BA/BS
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (05.0108)BA
Multidisciplinary Studies, Other (30.9999)BA
Music - Teacher Preparation (13.1312)BA
Music Performance (50.0903)BA
Music, General (50.0901)BA
Music, Other (Church) (50.0999)BA
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Philosophy, Political Science, Economics (45.0699)BA
Photography & Digital Imaging (50.0605)BA
Physical Education - General (31.0501)BA
Physical Education Teacher Prep (13.1314)BA/BS
Physics - Teacher Prep (13.1329)BA/BS
Physics, General (40.0801)BA/BS
Political Sci – Law & Politics (45.1099)BA
Political Science, General (45.1001)BA
Psychology, General (42.0101)BA/BS
Public History (54.0105)BA
Public Policy & Community Service (44.0201)BA
Religion/Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
RN-BSN Nursing (51.3801)BA
Sociology (45.1101)BA
Spanish Cultural Studies (05.0130)BA
Spanish Language and Literature (16.0905)BA
Spanish Teacher Preparation (13.1330)BA
Speech and Theater (50.0501)BA
Sports Management (31.0504)BA
Teacher Professional Development (13.1299)BA/BS
Theatre - Acting (50.0506)BA
Theatre - Directing (50.0507)BA
Theatre - Musical Theatre (50.0509)BFA
Master's Degree
American History Education (13.1328)AHIST
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (51.1508)MS
Community & Organizational Leadership (44.0201)MCOL
Education - Professional Development (13.1299)MED
English/Language Arts (13.1305)MAT
Occupational Therapy (51.2306)MOT
Physicain Assistant Studies (51.0912)MPAS
Doctor's Degree
Doctor of Physical Therapy (51.2308)DPT
Occupational Therapy (51.2306)OTD

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