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Eastern Mennonite University

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Pastoral Ministry (39.0604)CERT
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Bible (39.0201)AA
Business Administration (52.0201)AA
Education Para-professional (13.1501)AA
General Studies (24.0102)AA
Health Science (26.0102)AS
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)BA/BS
Art (50.0701)BA/BS
Bible , Religion, and Theology (38.0201)BA
Biblical Studies (39.0201)BA/BS
Biochemistry (26.0202)BA/BS
Biology (26.0101)BA/BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BA/BS
Business Analytics (30.7102)BA/BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS
Clinical Laboratory Science (51.1005)BA/BS
Communication (09.0199)BA
Computer Science (11.0701)BA/BS
Digital Media and Communication (09.0702)BA
Economics (45.0601)BA/BS
Engineering (14.0101)BS
English (23.0101)BA
Environmental Science (03.0104)BS
Environmental Sustainability (03.0103)BA/BS
Global Development (45.0604)BA
Global Studies (30.2001)BA
Health and Physical Education (13.1314)BA/BS
History (54.0101)BA/BS
History and Social Science (45.0101)BA/BS
International Business (52.1101)BA/BS
Leadership and Organizational Management (52.1003)BA/BS
Liberal Arts (24.0101)BA/BS
Marketing (52.1401)BA/BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Music (50.0901)BA
Nursing (51.3801)BA/BS
Organizational Leadership (52.0213)BA/BS
Peacebuilding and Development (30.0501)BA/BS
Photography (50.0605)BA
Political Science (45.1001)BA
Psychology (42.0101)BA/BS
Public Health (51.2201)BA/BS
Recreation and Sport Management (31.0504)BA/BS
Social Work (44.0701)BA/BS
Sociology (45.1101)BA/BS
Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies (16.0905)BA
Writing Studies (23.1301)BA
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Biomedicine (51.1199)CERT
Business Administration (52.0201)CERT
Christian Studies (38.0203)CERT
Conflict Transformation (30.0501)CERT
Faith-Based Peacebuilding (39.0799)CERT
Health Care Management (51.0701)CERT
Nonprofit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (52.0206)CERT
Organizational Leadership (52.0213)CERT
Reading Specialist (13.1315)CERT
Restorative Justice (30.2801)CERT
Restorative Justice in Education (13.0901)CERT
School Nurse (51.3801)CERT
Teaching English as a Second Language (13.1401)CERT
Theological Studies (39.0601)CERT
Trauma & Resilence in Educational Env. (13.1299)CERT
Trauma & Resilience in Healthcare Settings (51.3299)CERT
First Professional Degree
Seminary (39.0602)MDV
Master's Degree
Biomedicine (51.1199)MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Christian Leadership (39.0602)MA
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (51.1508)MA
Conflict Transformation (30.0501)MA
Education (13.0301)MA
Healthcare Management (51.0701)MA
Human Resources (52.1001)MA
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.0000)MA
Nursing Leadership (51.3802)MSN
Organizational Leadership (52.0213)MA
Premedicine (51.1102)MS
Religion (39.0601)MA
Restorative Justice (30.2801)MA
Transformational Leadership (30.9999)MA
Doctor's Degree
Doctor of Nursing Practice (51.3818)DNP

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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