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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
Food and Beverage Management (19.0505)CERT
Graphic Design (50.0409)CERT
Health Practice Management (51.0710)CERT
Secondary Education-Biology (6-12) (13.1322)CERT
Secondary Education-Chemistry (6-12) (13.1323)CERT
Secondary Education-Computer Science (6-12) (13.1321)CERT
Secondary Education-Earth Science (6-12) (13.1337)CERT
Secondary Education-English (6-12) (13.1305)CERT
Secondary Education-Mathematics (6-12) (13.1311)CERT
Secondary Education-Physics (6-12) (13.1329)CERT
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Anthropology (45.0201)BA
Applied Computer Science (11.0701)BS
Applied Science (24.0102)BAS
Art and Visual Technology (50.0101)BFA/BA
Art History (50.0703)BA
Astronomy (40.0201)BS
Atmospheric Sciences (40.0401)BS
Bioengineering (14.0501)BS
Biology (26.0101)BA/BS
Business (52.0101)BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS
Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (14.0801)BS
Communication (09.0101)BA
Community Health (51.2208)BS
Computational and Data Sciences (30.0801)BS
Computer Engineering (14.0901)BS
Computer Game Design (10.0304)BFA
Computer Science (11.0101)BS
Conflict Analysis & Resolution (30.0501)BA/BS
Creative Writing (23.1302)BFA
Criminology, Law, and Society (43.0107)BS/BA
Cyber Security Engineering (43.0303)BS
Dance (50.0301)BFA
Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners (13.1210)BSED
Economics (45.0603)BA/BS
Electrical Engineering (14.1001)BS
Elementary Education (13.1202)BSED
English (23.0101)BA
Environmental and Sustainability Studies (30.3301)BA
Environmental Science (03.0104)BS
Film and Video Studies (50.0602)BA
Foreign Languages (16.0101)BA
Forensic Science (43.0406)BS
Geography (45.0701)BA/BS
Geology (40.0601)BA/BS
Global Affairs (45.0901)BA
Government & International Politics (45.1099)BA
Health Administration (51.9999)BS
Health Informatics (51.2706)BS
History (54.0101)BA
Human Development and Family Science (19.0701)BA
Individualized Study (24.0101)BIS
Information Technology (11.0103)BS
Integrative Studies (24.0199)BA/BS
International Security and Law (45.0999)BA
Kinesiology (31.0505)BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Mechanical Engineering (14.1901)BS
Medical Laboratory Science (51.1005)BS
Music (50.0903)BM/BA
Neuroscience (26.1501)BS
Nursing (51.3801)BSN
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Physical Education (13.1314)BSED
Physics (40.0801)BS
Psychology (42.0101)BA/BS
Public Administration (44.0401)BS
Recreation Management (31.0301)BS
Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
Russian and Eurasian Studies (05.0110)BA
Secondary Education (13.1205)BSED
Social Work (44.0701)BSW
Sociology (45.1101)BA
Special Education (13.1001)BSED
Sport Management (31.0504)BS
Statistics (27.0501)BS
Systems and Industrial Engineering (14.2701)BS
Theatre (50.0501)BFA/BA
Tourism and Events Management (52.0903)BS
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Accounting (52.0301)CERT
Accounting Analytics (52.0399)GRAD CERT
Accounting for Government Contracts (52.0202)GRAD CERT
Actuarial Sciences (52.1304)GRAD CERT
Add-on Endorsement in Special Education-General Curriculum (13.1001)GRAD CERT
Advanced Biomedical Sciences (26.0102)GRAD CERT
Advanced Networking Protocols for Telecommunications (14.1004)GRAD CERT
Applied Behavior Analysis (42.2814)GRAD CERT
Applied Cyber Security (43.0403)GRAD CERT
Applied Psychology (42.2813)GRAD CERT
Art Education Licensure (13.1302)GRAD CERT
Artist Certificate (50.0701)CERT
Assistive Technology (19.0710)GRAD CERT
Autism Spectrum Disorders (13.1013)GRAD CERT
Biodefense (26.0599)GRAD CERT
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (26.1103)GRAD CERT
Blindness and Visual Impairments PK-12 Licensure (13.1009)GRAD CERT
Business Analytics (30.7102)GRAD CERT
Business Fundamentals (52.0201)GRAD CERT
Cell and Molecular Biology (26.0406)GRAD CERT
Chief Information Officer (52.0299)CERT
Cognitive Neuroscience (30.2501)CERT
College Teaching (13.1201)GRAD CERT
Computational Social Science (30.1501)GRAD CERT
Computer Science (11.0101)CERT
Computing Foundations (11.0299)GRAD CERT
Conflict Analysis & Resolution (30.0501)GRAD CERT
Contemporary Dispute Resolution (30.2801)GRAD CERT
Counseling (13.1101)GRAD CERT
Critical Studies in Education (13.0901)GRAD CERT
Data Analytics (30.7101)GRAD CERT
Data Science (30.3001)GRAD CERT
Digital Public Humanities (54.0199)GRAD CERT
Early Childhood Education PK-3 (Licensure) (13.1210)GRAD CERT
Early Childhood Special Education (Licensure) (13.1015)GRAD CERT
Education Assessment, Evaluation, and Data Literacy (13.0604)GRAD CERT
Education Leadership (13.0401)GRAD CERT
Education Policy (44.0502)GRAD CERT
Emergency Management and Homeland Security (43.0302)GRAD CERT
Environmental and Sustainability Management (30.3301)GRAD CERT
Environmental GIS and Biodiversity Conservation (26.1307)GRAD CERT
Epidemiology (26.1309)CERT
Federal Statistical Systems (27.0501)CERT
Folklore Studies (30.2601)GRAD CERT
Forensic Accounting (52.0303)GRAD CERT
Forensics (43.0406)GRAD CERT
Geographic Information Science (45.0701)CERT
Geospatial Intelligence (45.0702)CERT
Gerontology (30.1101)CERT
Gifted Education (13.1004)GRAD CERT
Global Economic Policy (45.0605)GRAD CERT
Global Health (51.2210)CERT
Global Health and Security (44.0503)GRAD CERT
Global Information Technology Leadership (52.0211)GRAD CERT
Government Accounting (52.0304)GRAD CERT
Health Informatics and Data Analytics (51.2706)GRAD CERT
Healthcare Quality (51.2213)GRAD CERT
Higher Education Administration (13.0406)GRAD CERT
Human Capital and Human Resource Management (52.1001)GRAD CERT
Illicit Trade Analysis (45.0699)GRAD CERT
Information Sciences (11.0401)CERT
Information Security and Assurance (11.1003)GRAD CERT
Information Technology (11.0103)CERT
Information Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation (52.1201)GRAD CERT
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)CERT
International Baccalaureate (IB) in Teaching and Learning (13.1212)GRAD CERT
International School Leadership Practice (13.0412)GRAD CERT
Learning Technologies (13.0501)GRAD CERT
Linguistics: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (16.0199)GRAD CERT
Literacy and Reading Instruction (13.1315)GRAD CERT
Literature and Composition (23.1401)GRAD CERT
Machine Learning for Embedded Systems (11.0102)GRAD CERT
Mass Atrocity and Genocide Prevention (30.2101)GRAD CERT
Microfabrication (15.1601)GRAD CERT
Middle East and Islamic Studies (05.0108)GRAD CERT
Music Education Licensure for PK-12 (13.1312)GRAD CERT
Music for Well-Being (50.9999)GRAD CERT
National Security and Public Policy (45.0902)GRAD CERT
Naval Ship Design (14.2201)GRAD CERT
Nonprofit Management (52.0206)GRAD CERT
Nursing Education (51.3203)GRAD CERT
Nutrition (51.3102)GRAD CERT
Operations Research & Engineering (14.3701)CERT
Pre-Med (26.0101)CERT
Professional and Technical Writing (23.1303)GRAD CERT
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (51.3810)GRAD CERT
Public Health (51.2201)GRAD CERT
Public Management (44.0401)GRAD CERT
Publishing Practice (09.1001)GRAD CERT
Remote Sensing & Image Processing (27.0399)CERT
Research Methods (13.0603)GRAD CERT
Responsible Artificial Intelligence (30.3101)GRAD CERT
School Psychology (42.2805)GRAD CERT
Science Communication (09.0908)GRAD CERT
Science Policy (44.0599)GRAD CERT
Science, Technology, and Security (44.9999)GRAD CERT
Secondary Education Licensure (13.1205)GRAD CERT
Small Satellite Engineering (14.0201)GRAD CERT
Smart Grid Technology (14.1099)GRAD CERT
Software Engineering (14.0903)GRAD CERT
Spanish Heritage Language Education (16.0908)GRAD CERT
Specialized Reading Instruction for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities (13.1011)GRAD CERT
Sport Coaching (13.1314)GRAD CERT
Sport Management (31.0504)GRAD CERT
Systems Engineering (14.2701)GRAD CERT
Tactical Athlete Strength, Conditioning, and Injury Prevention (31.0507)GRAD CERT
Teaching Certificate (13.0301)CERT
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) for PK-12 Practitioners (13.1401)GRAD CERT
Teaching Theater Pre K-12 (13.1324)GRAD CERT
Terrorism and Homeland Security (43.0304)GRAD CERT
Women and Gender Studies (05.0207)GRAD CERT
First Professional Degree
Law (22.0101)JD
Master's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)MS
Anthropology (45.0201)MA
Applied And Engr Physics (40.0801)MS
Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology (42.2804)MPS
Applied Information Technology (11.0103)MS
Art History (50.0703)MA
Arts Education (13.1302)MAT
Arts Management (50.1002)MA
Athletic Training (51.0913)MS
Biodefense (26.0599)MS
Bioengineering (14.0501)MS
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (26.1101)MS
Bioinformatics Management (26.1103)MS/PSM
Biology (26.0101)MS
Biostatistics (26.1102)MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Business Analytics (30.7102)MS
Chemistry (40.0501)MS
Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (14.0801)MS
Climate Science (40.0401)MS
Communication (09.0101)MA
Computational Science (30.0801)MS
Computer Engineering (14.0901)MS
Computer Science (11.0101)MS
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (30.0501)MS
Counseling (13.1101)MED
Creative Writing (23.1302)MFA
Criminal Justice (43.0104)MS
Criminology, Law, and Society (43.0103)MA
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MED
Cyber Security Engineering (43.0303)MS
Cyber, Intelligence and National Security (22.0299)LLM
Data Analytics Engineering (11.0802)MS
Digital Forensics (43.0403)MS
Earth Systems Science (40.0601)MS
Economics (45.0601)MA
Educational Psychology (42.2806)MS
Electrical Engineering (14.1001)MS
English (23.1404)MA
Environmental Science and Policy (03.0104)MS
Finance (27.0305)MS
Foreign Languages (16.0101)MA
Forensic Science (43.0406)MS
Geographic & Cart Science (45.0701)MS
Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intelligence (45.0702)MS
Global Affairs (30.2001)MA
Global Antitrust Law & Economics (22.0205)LLM
Global Commerce and Policy (45.0901)MA
Global Health (51.2210)MS
Health Informatics (51.2706)MS
Health Systems Management (51.0701)MHA
Higher Education and Student Development (13.0406)MA
History (54.0101)MA
Inclusive Early Childhood Education (13.1210)MED
Information Systems (11.0401)MS
Intellectual Property Law (22.0212)LLM
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)MAIS
International Security (45.0999)MA
Kinesiology (31.0505)MS
Law (22.9999)JM
Leadership and Human Development (13.0401)MED
Learning Design and Technology (13.0501)MS
Literacy Education (13.1315)MED
Management (52.0101)MS
Marketing (52.1401)MS
Mathematics (27.0101)MS
Middle East and Islamic Studies (05.0108)MA
Music (50.0901)MM
Nursing (51.3801)MSN
Nutrition (51.3102)MS
Operations Research (14.3701)MS
Organization Development and Knowledge Management (52.1003)MS
Philosophy (38.0101)MA
Political Science (45.1001)MA
Psychology (42.0101)MA
Public Administration (44.0401)MPA
Public Health (51.2201)MPH
Public Policy (44.0501)MPP
Real Estate Development (52.1501)MS
Social Work (44.0701)MSW
Sociology (45.1101)MA
Software Engineering (14.0903)MS
Special Education (13.1001)MED
Sport and Recreation Studies (31.0504)MS
Statistical Science (27.0501)MS
Systems Engineering (14.2701)MS
Taxation (52.1601)MS
Technology Management (52.0211)MS
Telecommunications (11.0901)MS
United States Law (22.0202)LLM
Visual and Performing Arts (50.0101)MFA
Post-Master's Certificate
School Psychology (42.2805)EDS
Doctor's Degree
Biodefense (26.0599)PHD
Bioengineering (14.0501)PHD
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (26.1101)PHD
Biosciences (30.0101)PHD
Business (52.0201)PHD
Chemistry and Biochemistry (26.0202)PHD
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (14.0801)PHD
Climate Dynamics (40.0401)PHD
Communication (09.0905)PHD
Computational Science & Informatics (30.0801)PHD
Computational Social Science (30.1501)PHD
Computer Science (11.0101)PHD
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (30.0501)PHD
Criminology, Law, and Society (43.0103)PHD
Cultural Studies (24.0103)PHD
Doctor of Musical Arts (50.0999)DMA
Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences (40.0699)PHD
Economics (45.0601)PHD
Education (13.0101)PHD
Electrical and Computer Engineering (14.1001)PHD
Environmental Science & Public Policy (03.0104)PHD
Health Services Research (51.2299)PHD
History (54.0101)PHD
Information Technology (11.0103)PHD
Linguistics (16.0102)PHD
Mathematics (27.0101)PHD
Music Education (13.1312)PHD
Neuroscience (26.1501)PHD
Nursing (51.3808)PHD
Nursing Practice (51.3818)DNP
Physics (40.0801)PHD
Political Science (45.1001)PHD
Psychology (42.0101)PHD
Public Health (51.2201)PHD
Public Policy (44.0501)PHD
Sociology (45.1101)PHD
Statistical Science (27.0502)PHD
Systems Engineering and Operations Research (14.2701)PHD
Writing and Rhetoric (23.1304)PHD

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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