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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
Human Resources (52.1099)CERT
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Aviation Maint Tech-Airframe (47.0607)CERT
Aviation Maint Tech-Power Plant (47.0608)CERT
Clerk Typist and Entry Level Secretary (52.0408)CERT
Criminal Justice (43.0199)CERT
Executive Secretarial Administration (52.0402)CERT
General Studies (24.0102)CERT
Nurse Practitioner (51.3901)CERT
Paralegal Cert. (22.0302)CERT
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Air Traffic Control Mgmt (49.0105)AS
Aviation Maintenance Technology (47.0609)ASSOCIATE
Aviation Management (49.0104)AS
Biblical Studies (38.0203)AA
Business Mgmt - ON (52.0299)AS
Flight Education (49.0102)AS
General Studies (24.0102)AA
Religious Studies (38.0201)AA
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)BS
Advertising (09.0903)BA
Air Traffic Control Mgmt (49.0105)BS
Airway Science Program (49.0101)BS
Applied Physics (40.0899)BS
Art (50.0701)BABS
Atmospheric Science (40.0403)BS
Aviation Computer Science (49.0199)BS
Aviation Management (49.0104)BS
Banking (52.0803)BA
Biochemistry (26.0202)BS
Biological Sciences (26.0101)BA/BS
Building Construction Technology (15.0101)BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BS
Business Economics (52.0601)BS
Business Management (52.0299)BS
Chemical Engineering (14.0701)BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA
Communicative Sciences & Disorders (51.0203)BS
Computer Engineering (14.0901)BS
Computer Information Systems (11.0401)BS
Computer Science (11.0701)BS
Criminal Justice (43.0199)BA
Criminal Justice/Criminology (43.0103)BS
Cyber Security/Criminal Justice (29.0207)BS
Cyber/Computer Forensics (43.0403)BA
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)BS
Economics (45.0601)BA
Electrical Engineering (14.0101)BS
Elementary Education (13.1202)BA
Emergency Medical Systems Mgmt (51.0999)BS
English Arts (23.9999)BS
English Arts (23.0101)BA
English Expression (23.1301)BA
Entrepreneurship (52.1801)BS
Finance (52.0801)BS
Fire Administration (43.0202)BA
Fire Administration (43.0299)BS
Flight Education (49.0102)BS
General Studies (24.0102)BA
Health Sciences (51.0001)BS
History (54.0101)BABA
Hotel and Restaurant Management (52.0905)BS
Hotel/Resort Management (52.0906)BS
Human Ecology (19.0101)BS
Human Resources Management (52.1099)BS
Interdisciplinary Studies (13.1209)BS
Interior Design (50.0408)BA
International Relations and Affairs (45.0901)BA
Journalism (09.0402)BA
Kinesiology (31.0505)BS
Liberal Studies (24.0101)BA
Marine Science (26.1302)BS
Marketing (52.1401)BS
Mass Media Arts (09.0499)BA
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Mathematics Education (13.1311)BS
Media Management (09.0701)BA
Middle School Science Education (13.1203)BSED
Music (50.0901)BA
Music Audio Production (50.0913)BS
Music Education (13.1312)BS
Music Performance, General (50.0101)BA
Music/Engineering Technology (50.1003)BA/BS
Nursing (51.3801)BS
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)BA
Pharmaceutical Sciences (51.2010)BS
Physical Education (13.1314)BS
Physical Therapy (51.2308)BS
Physics (40.0801)BA
Political Science (45.1001)BA
Pre Professional Nursing (51.3899)BS
Print Journalism (09.0401)BA
Psychology (42.0101)BA
Public Administration (44.9999)BA
Public Relations (09.0902)BA
Public Safety Administration (44.0401)BS
Recreation (31.9999)BS
Recreation and Tourism Mgmt. (31.0301)BS
Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
Sociology and Social Work (44.0701)BA
Spanish Arts (16.0905)BA
Special Education (13.1099)BS
Speech Communication & Theater Arts (23.1304)BA/BS
Sports Management (31.0504)BA
Strategic Communications (09.0901)BA
Systems Organization and Management (52.1201)BS
Theater/Drama (50.0501)BA
Undecided Bachelor (24.0199)BA/BS
Five-Year Bachelor's Degree
Architecture (04.0201)BARCH
Bach's Lvl Student In Contin grad f/p pgm
BSAG 5 (52.0201)MBA
MArch/1st Professional Degree (04.0201)MARCH
Pharmacy (51.2001)PHARMD
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Primary Care Fam Nurse Practitioner (51.3805)CERT
First Professional Degree
MArch/1st Professional Degree (04.0201)MARCH
Pharmacy (51.2001)PHARMD
Master's Degree
Applied Mathematics (27.0301)MS
Atmospheric Science (40.0403)MS
Biological Sciences (26.0101)MA/MS
Biology Teacher Education (13.1322)MT
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA/MSM
Chemistry (40.0501)MS
Chemistry Teacher Education, MT (13.1323)MT/MA
Communicative Sciences & Disorders (51.0203)MA/MS
Computer Education (13.1321)MA
Computer Science (11.0101)MS
Counseling (13.1101)MA
Early Childhood Pre K - K (13.1209)MT
Educational Leadership (13.0401)MA
Educational Leadership (13.0411)MS
Elementary Education (13.1202)MA
English Education (13.1305)MA
Home Economics (19.0101)MA
Information Assurance (11.1003)MS
Master In Psychology (42.0101)MS
Master of Arts Theological (39.0601)MA
Master of Divinity Religious Studies (38.0201)MA
Master of Science in Medical Science/Post Bac (51.1102)MS/PB
Master of Teaching in Music (50.0901)MT
Mathematics (27.0101)MA
Mathematics Teacher Education (13.1311)MT
Middle/Junior High Teacher Ed (13.1316)MT
Museum and Archival Studies (54.0105)MA
Museum Studies (30.1401)MA
Music Education (13.1312)MA
Nursing (51.3801)MS
Nursing (51.3811)MS
Nursing (51.3803)MS
Nutrition (51.3101)MS
Nutrition (19.0501)MS
Physical Education (13.1314)MA
Physical Science (40.0101)MA
Physical Therapy (51.2308)MA
Physics (40.0801)MS
Planetary Science (40.0203)MS
Spanish Language Teachers Ed (13.1330)MT
Spec Ed-Lrng & Behav Disorders (13.1011)MT
Special Education - K-12 (13.1335)MAT
Special Education/Psychology (13.1099)MA/MT
Sport Administration (31.0504)MS
Post-Master's Certificate
Atmospheric Science (40.0403)PHD
Counseling: Education Specialist (13.1101)EDS
Planetary Science (40.0203)PHD
Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner(FNP) (51.3901)CAGS
Doctor's Degree
Atmospheric Science (40.0403)PHD
Counseling (13.1101)PHD
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (52.0201)PhD
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (51.3801)PHD
Doctor of Physical Therapy (51.2308)DPT
Educational Management (13.0401)PHD
Physics (40.0801)PHD
Planetary Science (40.0203)PHD

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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