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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
Accounting (52.0301)CRT
Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies (39.0201)CRT
Aviation Maintenance Technician (47.0608)CRT
Biblical Studies (39.0601)CRT
Business Administration (52.0201)CRT
CERT: Algebra Teacher Education (13.1311)CRT
CERT: Autism Education (13.1013)CERT
CERT: Commercial Music (50.0999)CRT
CERT: Earth Science Education (13.1337)CERT
CERT: Physics Education (13.1329)CRT
Certificate Aplication Development (11.0899)CRT
Criminal Justice (43.0104)CRT
Data Networking (52.1201)CRT
English Language Institute (24.0102)CRT
Healthcare Management (51.0000)CRT
Information Assurance (11.1003)CRT
Journalism Education (13.1305)CRT
Medical Office Assistant (51.0710)CRT
Military Resilience (51.1599)CRT
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)CRT
Preschool Education (13.1209)CRT
Project Management (52.0211)CERT
Public Administration (44.0401)CRT
Teaching English as a Second Language (13.1401)CRT
Web Development (11.0101)CRT
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Aviation Maintenance Technician (47.0608)CRT
Biblical Studies (39.0201)THG
Pastoral Training (39.0601)THG
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Accounting (52.0301)AA
Aeronautics (49.0101)AA
Airline Flight Attendant (49.0106)AA
Associate Of Arts-Religion (38.0201)AA
Aviation Maitenance Technician (47.0608)AA
Biblical Studies (38.0203)AA
Business Admin & Management, General (52.0101)AA
Carpentry (46.0201)AAS
Criminal Justice (43.0104)AA
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)AA
Education (13.9999)AA
Education (Non-Licensure) (13.0101)AA
Electrical (46.0302)AAS
English and Writing (Two-Year Associate's Degree) (23.1302)AA
General Studies (24.0102)AA
Government (45.1001)AA
History (54.0101)AA
HVAC (15.0501)AAS
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)AA
Management Information Systems (52.1201)AA
Mathematics (Two-Year Associate's Degree) (27.0101)AS
Medical Office Assistant (51.0710)AAS
Military History (54.0108)AA
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)AA
Phil, Politics, & Economics (30.5101)AA
Physics (Associate's degree) (40.0801)AS
Psychology, General (42.0101)AA
Technical Studies (46.0000)AAS
Technical Studies Plumbing (46.0503)AAS
Welding (48.0508)AAS
Award of at least 2 but less than 4 acad yrs
Biblical Studies (39.0201)THG
Church Ministries (LBI) (38.0201)THG
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Family&Consumer Sci Educ 6-12 (13.1308)BED
Accounting (52.0301)BS
Acting (50.0506)BFA
American Sign Language & Interpretation (16.1601)BA
App Mathematics & Stats (27.0301)BS
Applied Internet Technology (11.1004)BS
Applied Ministry (39.0602)BS
Artist Development (50.0999)BM
Athletic Training (51.0913)BS
Avia Tech: Flight & Maintenanc (47.0609)BS
Aviation (49.0101)BS
Aviation Administration: Safety Management (49.0104)BS
Aviation Maintenance: Management (29.0401)BS
Biblical & Educational Studies (13.0101)BS
Biblical Counseling (39.0799)BS
Biblical Studies (38.0203)BA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (26.0202)BS
Biology (13.1322)BS
Biology, General (26.0101)BS
Biomedical Sciences (26.0102)BS
Biopsychology (30.1001)BS
Biotechnology (26.1201)BS
Business Admin & Management, General (52.0101)BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BS
Business Teacher Education (13.1303)BS
Camping and Outdoor Leadership (31.0601)BS
Cell and Molecular Biology (26.0406)BS
Chemistry (13.1323)BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS
Christian Leadership & Management (30.0000)BS
Christian Leadership and Chrisitian Ministries (39.0705)BS
Church Ministries: Pastoral Leadership (39.0701)BS
Church Ministries: Youth Ministries (39.0702)BS
Cinematic Arts (50.0602)BS
Civil Engineering (14.0801)BS
Communications, Other (09.9999)BS
Community Health (51.2299)BS
Computer Engineering (14.0901)BS
Computer Science (11.0101)BS
Computer Science (11.1003)BS
Computer Science Teacher Education (13.1321)BS
Criminal Justice (43.0104)BS
Cultural Engagement (30.2601)BS
Digital Design (50.0102)BS
Digital Media (09.0702)BS
Drama/Theater Arts, General (50.0501)BA
Early & Middle Education (nk-8) (13.1202)BS
Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies (13.1210)BS
Education (13.9999)BS
Electrical Engineering (14.1001)BS
English (13.1305)BA
English (23.0101)BA/BS
English and Writing (23.1302)BS
English Second Language/Teacher Lic (13.1401)BA
Environmental Biology (26.1305)BS
Exercise Science/Fitness Prog (31.0505)BS
Family & Child Development (19.0701)BS
Family and Consumer Sciences (19.0101)BS
Fire Administration (43.0202)BS
Forensic Science (43.0406)BS
Gen Studies/Multidisciplinary Studies (24.0102)BS
Geography (45.0701)BS
Global Studies (30.2001)BS
Government (45.0901)BA/BS
Government (45.1001)BA/BS
Guitar Performance (50.0903)BM
Health Care Informatics (11.0104)BS
Health Promotion/Community Health (51.2207)BS
Health Sciences (51.0000)BS
Healthcare Administration (51.0701)BS
History, General (54.0101)BA
Hospitality Management (52.0901)BS
Human Services (44.0000)BS
Industrial & Sys Enginerring (14.3501)BS
Industrial Engineering Techn (15.0612)BS
Information Systems (11.0103)BS
Integrated Studies for Elem and Spec Education (24.0101)BS
Interior and Fashion Merchandising (19.0901)BS
Interior Design (50.0408)BS
Journalism (09.0401)BS
Law and Policy: Pre Law (22.0001)BA/BS
Leadership Communication (50.1003)BM
Management Information Systems (52.1201)BS
Mass Communications (09.0101)BS
Mathematics (13.1311)BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BS
Mechanical Engineering (14.1901)BS
Middle Education Grades 4-8 (13.1203)BS
Military Studies: History (54.0108)BS
Missions/Missionary Studies & Misology (39.0301)BA/BS
Multi/Interdisc Studies, Other (30.9999)BS
Music Education (50.0912)BM
Music World Culture (50.0905)BM
Music, General (50.0901)BM
Musical Theatre (50.0509)BFA
Nursing (51.3801)BSN
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)BS
Pastoral Leadership & Biblical Exp. (39.0201)BA
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (30.5101)BS
Physical Education (13.1314)BS
Physical Education (Non-Cert) (31.0501)BS
Physics (40.0801)BS
Physics Education 6-12 (13.1329)BED
Piano Performance (50.0907)BM
Psychology, General (42.0101)BS
Public Administration (44.0401)BS
Religion/Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
Respiratory Therapy (51.0908)BS
School Counseling (13.1001)BS
Social Science and History, Other (45.0101)BS
Social Studies Education 6-12 (13.1318)BED
Social Work (44.0701)BS
Software Engineering (14.0903)BS
Songwriting (50.0904)BM
Spanish (16.0905)BA
Spanish Teacher Education (13.1330)BS
Sports Management (31.0504)BS
Strategic Communications (09.0100)BS
String Performance (50.0911)BM
Studio and Digital Arts (50.0702)BFA
Studio and Digital Arts (50.0401)BS
Theatre Arts Education P-12 (13.1324)BED
Theology and Apologetics (39.0601)BA
Visual Arts Education P-12 (13.1302)BED
Visual Communication Arts (50.0409)BS/BFA
Vocal Performance (50.0908)BM
Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance (50.0914)BM
Worship and Music Ministry (39.0501)BS
Worship Studies (50.0902)BM
Zoo & Wildlife Biology (26.0709)BS
Zoology (26.0701)BS
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Addiction Studies (51.1501)CERT
Autism Education (13.1013)CTG
Biblical Studies (39.0601)CTG
Biblical Studies (38.0203)POST-PROF CERT
Biblical Studies (39.0201)CTG
Business Administration (52.0201)CTG
CERT: Adv Homeland Security (43.0301)CERT
CERT: Church Ministry: Digital Age (39.0602)CTG
CERT: Exec Clinical Leadership (51.3818)CERT
CERT: Exec Criminal Justice (43.0103)CERT
CERT: Exec History (54.0101)CERT
CERT: Exec Nurs Education Lead (51.3203)CTG
CERT: Exec Psychology (42.0101)CERT
CERT: Exec Special Education (13.0101)CERT
CERT: Exec Strategic Leadershp (52.0213)CERT
Certificate In Greek (16.1202)CTG
Certificate in Hebrew (16.1102)CTG
Communication Studies (09.0101)CTG
Counseling Psychology (42.2803)POST-PROF CERT
Criminal Justice (43.0104)CTG
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)CTG
Education Tech & Online Instruction (13.0501)CTG
Gifted Education (13.1004)CTG
Health (51.2201)CTG
Healthcare Management (51.0000)CTG
Higher Education Administration (13.0406)CTG
Middle Grade Education (13.1203)CTG
Military Resilience (51.1599)CTG
Music World Culture - Ethn (50.0905)CTG
Organizational Communications (09.0901)CTG
Pastoral Counseling (39.0701)CTG
Preschool Education (13.1209)CTG
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (51.3810)CTG
Public Administration (44.0401)CTG
Public Policy (44.0501)CTG
School Leadership (13.0401)CTG
Spec Educ: General Curri (13.1001)CERT
Sport Management (31.0504)CTG
Worship Studies (39.0501)CTG
First Professional Degree
Law (22.0101)JD
Master Of Divinity (39.0602)MDV
Osteopathic Medicine (51.1202)DO
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)MDIV
Master's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)MS
Addiction Counseling (51.1501)MA
Aeronautics (49.0101)MS
American Legal Studies (22.0203)JM
Applied Psychology (42.2813)MA
Athletic Training (51.0913)MS
Biblical Language (16.1103)MA
Biblical Studies (38.0203)MA
Biblical Studies/Christian Thought (39.0201)MA/MBS
Biomedical Sciences (26.0102)MS
BS-MPH: Health Promotion (51.2207)MPH
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Chaplaincy (39.0706)MA
Church Ministries/Religious Education (39.0401)MAR/MRE
Church Planting (39.0302)MA
Communication-Media Studies (09.0702)MA
Composition (23.1304)MA
Counseling (42.2803)MA
Creative Writing (23.1302)MFA
Criminal Justice (43.0104)MS
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MED
Cyber Security (29.0207)MS
Early Childhood Education (13.1210)MED
Ed Admin & Supervision, General (13.0401)MED
Education Law (13.0499)MED
Education Secondary w/Teacher Licensure (13.1205)MED
Education Teaching of Gifted (13.1004)MED
Education, Counseling w/Teaching License (13.1101)MED
Elementary Education (13.1202)MED
English (23.0101)MA
English Education (13.1305)MED
Ethnomusicology (50.0905)MA
Exercise Science (31.0505)MS
Exercise Science and Wellness (26.0908)MS
Finance (52.0801)MS
Geography (45.0701)MA
Geology Information Systems (45.0702)MS
Graphic Design (50.0409)MFA
Health Informatics (11.0104)MS
Healthcare Administration (51.0701)MS
Healthcare Administration (51.2211)MS
Higher Education (13.0406)MED
History (54.0101)MA
History Teacher Education (13.1328)MED
Homeland Security & Disaster Management (43.0301)MS
Human Centered Design (50.0404)MA
Human Resouce Management (52.1001)MS
Human Services Counseling (51.1599)MA
Human Services, General (44.0000)MA
Information Systems (52.1201)MS
Information Technology (11.0103)MS
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)MA
International Legal Studies (22.0209)LLM
International Relations (45.0901)MS
JM: Compliance (22.0201)JM
Literature (23.1401)MA
M.Ed: Curr & Inst-Fgn LanEd NL (13.1306)MED
M.Ed: Curr & Inst-Hlth&Well NL (13.1307)MED
M.Ed: Curr & Inst-Urb Ed N-Lic (13.0410)MED
Marketing (52.1401)MS
Mass Communications (09.0101)MA
Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades (13.1203)MAT
Master of Divinity (39.0602)MDV
Mathematics Teacher Education (13.1311)MED
Medical Sciences (26.9999)MA
Military History (54.0108)MA
Missions/Missionary Studies & Misology (39.0301)MA
Mod Language - Linguistics (16.0102)MA
MS: Engineer Management (15.1501)MS
MS: Engineering (14.0101)MS
MS: Human Biology (30.2701)MS
Music Education (50.0912)MA
National Security (45.0902)MS
Nonprofit Management (52.0206)MNM
Nursing (51.3801)MSN
Nursing (51.3802)MSN
Nutrition (30.1901)MS
Political Science (45.1001)MS
Professional Writing (23.1303)MA
Project Management (52.0211)MS
Psychology Development (42.0101)MS
Public Administration (44.0401)MPA
Public Health: Nutrition (51.2201)MPH
Public History (54.0105)MA
Public Policy (44.0501)MA
Reading Teacher Education (13.1315)MED
Religion/Religious Studies (38.0201)MA
Social Media Management (09.0999)MS
Social Work (44.0701)MSW
Special Education/Teacher Licensure (13.1001)MED
Sport Chaplaincy (39.9999)MA
Sports Management (31.0504)MS
Strategic Communications (09.0100)MA
Studio and Digital Arts (50.0401)MFA
Studio and Digital Arts (50.0702)MFA
Teaching & Learning Tech. & Online Instruction (13.0501)MED
Teaching and Learning (13.0101)MED
Teaching and Learning Student Services (13.1199)MED
Teaching English as a Second Language (13.1401)MA
Theological Studies (39.0601)MAR
Worship Studies (39.0501)MA
Post-Master's Certificate
Bible Exposition (39.0201)CTG
CERT: Exec Business Administra (52.0201)CERT
CERT: Exec Clinical Leadership (51.3818)CTG
CERT: Exec Communication (09.0101)CTG
CERT: Exec Criminal Justice (43.0103)CERT
CERT: Exec Higher Ed Admin (13.0406)CERT
CERT: Exec Nurs Education Lead (51.3203)CTG
CERT: Exec Public Administratn (44.0401)CERT
CERT: Exec Special Education (13.0101)CTG
CERT: Exec Strategic Leadershp (52.0213)CERT
CERT: Psy Ment Hlth Nurs Pract (51.3810)CERT
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)CTG
Education Specialist (13.0401)EDS
Executive Christian Leadership (38.0203)CTG
History (54.0101)CTG
Psychology (42.0101)CTG
Public Policy (44.0501)CTG
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)THM
Doctor's Degree
Anatomy and Cell Biology (26.0407)PHD
Aviation (49.0104)PHD
Bible Exposition (39.0201)PHD
Christian Leadership (39.0401)EDD
Clinical Psychology (42.2801)PSYD
Communication (09.0101)PHD
Counseling Psychology (42.2803)PHD
Criminal Justice (43.0104)PHD
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)EDD
Doctor of Business Administration (52.0201)DBA
Doctor of Music Education (50.0912)DMED
Doctor of Nursing Practice (51.3810)DNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice (51.3818)DNP
Doctor of Worship Studies (39.0501)DWS
Education (13.0101)PHD
Education Admin & Supervising (13.0499)EDD
Educational Leadership (13.0401)EDD
Health Sciences (51.0000)PHD
Higher Education (13.0406)PHD
History (54.0101)PHD
Instructional Design & Technology (13.0501)EDD
MAT in Secondary Education to EDS in School Curriculum (13.1202)EDS
Nursing Education (51.3203)PHD
PhD Adv Ed Stu (13.9999)PHD
PHD: Engineering (14.0101)PHD
Practical Theology (39.9999)PHD
Psychology (42.0101)PHD
Public Administration (44.0401)DPA
Public Policy (44.0501)PHD
Secondary Education (13.1205)EDS
Special Education (13.0402)EDD/EDS
Strategic Leadership (52.0213)DSL
Strategic Media (09.0702)PHD
Theology & Apologetics (38.0201)PHD
Theology/Theological Studies (39.0601)DMN

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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