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Randolph College

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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Art (Concentration: Art History) (50.0703)BA
Art (Concentration: Studio) (50.0702)BA
Biology (26.0101)BA/BS
Business (52.0101)BA
Chemical Physics (40.0508)BS
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS
Classics (Concentra in Civ or Lit) (16.1200)BA
Communication Studies (09.0101)BA
Comparative Philosophy (38.0199)BA
Computer Science and Mathematics (30.0801)BS
Curricular Studies (24.0101)BA
Dance (50.0301)BA
Economics (45.0601)BA
Elementary Education (13.1202)BS
Engineering Physics (14.1201)BS
English (Concentra: Creative Writ) (23.1302)BA
English Language and Literature, General (23.0101)BA
Environmental Science (03.0104)BS
Environmental Studies (03.0103)BA
French (16.0901)BA
Global Studies (30.2001)BA
Health Services (51.9999)BA
History (54.0101)BA
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Media and Culture (09.0102)BA
Multi-Disciplinary Special Major (30.9999)BA/BS
Museum and Heritage Studies (30.1401)BA
Music (50.0902)BA
Music (Concentration: Performance) (50.0903)BA
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Physics (40.0801)BA/BS
Physics Education (13.1329)BA
Political Science (45.1001)BA
Psychology (42.0101)BA
Religious Studies (38.0201)BA
Self-Designed Major: Asian Studies (05.0103)BA
Self-Designed Major: Education (13.0101)BA
Sociology (45.1101)BA
Spanish (16.0905)BA
Sport and Exercise Studies w/Coaching and Sport Performance Concentration (31.0599)BA
Sport and Exercise Studies w/Health and Fitness Concentration (31.0501)BA
Theatre (50.0501)BA
Master's Degree
Coaching and Sport Leadership (31.0508)MA
Creative Writing (23.1302)MFA
Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MAT/MED
Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (50.0501)MFA
Special Education (13.1001)MAT/MED

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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