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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of less than 1 academic year
Data Analytics (30.7101)CAS
Emergency Services Management (44.0000)CAS
Information Processing Syst (11.0401)CAS
Information Security (11.1003)CAS
Leadership Studies- LDSC (52.1003)CAS
Legal Assistant (22.0302)CAS
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Human Resources Management (52.1001)CERT
Liberal Arts-LBAC (24.0101)CLA
Teacher Licensure (13.1299)PCAS
Transportation (52.0903)CERT
Transportation/Logistics Mgmt (52.0203)CERT
Associate's Degree (Bachelor's Credit)
Emergency Services Management (44.0000)AAS
Human Resources Management (52.1001)AAS
Information Processing Syst (11.0401)AAS
Legal Assistant (22.0302)AAS
Liberal Arts (24.0101)ALA
Transportation/Logistics Mgmt (52.0203)AAS
Transportation/Phy Distrib Mgmt (52.0903)AAS
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Accounting (52.0301)BSBA
Africana Studies (05.0201)BA
American Studies (05.0102)BA
Anthropology (45.0201)BA
Art History (50.0703)BA
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (26.0205)BA/BS
Biology (26.0101)BA/BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BSBA
Chemistry (40.0501)BA/BS
Chinese Studies (05.0123)BA
Classical Civilization (30.2201)BA
Cognitive Science (30.2501)BA/BS
Computer Science (11.0101)BA/BS
Criminal Justice (43.0104)BA
Dance (50.0301)BA
Data Analytics (30.7101)BSPS
Economics (45.0601)BA/BSBA
Elementary Education and Teaching (13.1202)BA
Emergency Services Management (44.0000)BAS
English (23.0101)BA
English/Classics (24.0103)BA
Environmental Studies (03.0103)BA/BS
Film Studies (50.0601)BA
French (16.0901)BA
Geography (45.0701)BA
German (16.0501)BA
German Studies (05.0125)BA
Global Studies (30.2001)BA
Greek (16.1202)BA
Healthcare and Society (51.3201)BS
History (54.0101)BA
Human Resources Management (52.1001)BAS
Information Processing Syst (11.0401)BAS
Information Security (11.1003)BSPS
Information Technology Managament (11.0103)BAS
Int'l St: Asian Studies (05.0103)BA
Int'l St: Development & Change (45.0604)BA
Int'l St: Econ & Soc Systems (45.0605)BA
Int'l St: Latin America (05.0107)BA
Int'l St: Modern Europe (05.0106)BA
Int'l St: Politics & Diplomacy (45.0901)BA
Int'l St: Self-Designed (05.0199)BA
Interdisciplinary Physics (40.0801)BS
Interdisciplinary Studies (30.9999)BLA
International Studies: Middle East Studies (05.0108)BA
International Studies: Africa (05.0101)BA
Italian Studies (05.0126)BA
Journalism (09.0401)BA
Latin (16.1203)BA
Latin American and Iberian Studies (16.0905)BA
Leadership Studies (52.1003)BA
Legal Assistant (22.0302)BAS
Liberal Arts (24.0101)BLA
Mathematical Economics (45.0603)BA/BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BA/BS
Music: General (50.0901)BA
Philosophy (38.0101)BA
Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (28.0199)BA
Political Science (45.1001)BA
Psychology (42.2799)BA/BS
Religion (38.0201)BA
Rhetoric & Communication Studies (23.1304)BA
Russian Studies (05.0110)BA
Sociology (45.1101)BA
Studio Art (50.0702)BA
Theatre Arts (50.0501)BA
Transportation/Logistics Mgmt (52.0203)BA
Urban Studies (45.1201)BA
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (05.0207)BA
Five-Year Bachelor's Degree
Spanish/International Business (16.0905)BA
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Emergency Services Management (44.0000)PCAS/GCDS
Graduate Cert- Public History (54.0105)GCHPH
Human Resource Management (52.1099)GCHRM
Human Resources Management (52.1001)GCHRM
Information Systems (11.0401)PCAS
Leadership Studies- LDSC (52.1003)PCAS
Liberal Arts (24.0101)PCLA
Non-profit Studies (52.0206)GCNS
Paralegal Studies (22.0302)PCAS
Teacher Licensure (13.1299)PCAS
Transportation/Logistics Mgmt (52.0203)PCAS
First Professional Degree
Law (22.0101)JD
Master's Degree
Biology (26.0101)MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Disaster Science (44.0000)MDS
Education- Curriculum and Instruction (13.0301)MED
Education- Leadership and Policy (13.0401)MED
Elementary Education/Teaching (13.1202)MT
English (23.0101)MA
General Techer Educ/Pr Dev (13.1299)MT
History (54.0101)MA
Human Resource Management (52.1001)MHRM
Legum Magistur (22.0202)LLM
Liberal Arts (24.0101)MLA
Management (52.1301)MS
Master of Non-Profit Studies (52.0206)MNS
Masters of Accounting (52.0301)MACC
Political Science (45.1001)MA
Psychology (42.0101)MA
Secondary Education/Teaching (13.1205)MT
Post-Master's Certificate
Ed. Leadership and Policy Studies (13.0401)GCEDLP

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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