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Degree Inventory
Program NameDegrees
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 acad yrs
Add-On Endorsement in Special Education Elementary Grades K-6 (13.1001)CRTU
Church Music (39.0501)CRT
Civil War Era Studies (54.0102)CRTU
Faith Seeking Justice – Christian Leadership (39.0604)CRT
History and Documentary Film Certificate (54.0199)CRTU
IT/Cybersecurity Technician Certificate (11.0103)CRTU
Pre-Health Professioal Program (51.1199)CRTU
Prof Studies Cert Prog for Health&Phys Educ PK-12 (13.1314)CRTU
Prof Studies Cert Prog in Elementary Ed (PK-6) (13.1202)CRT
Prof. Studies - Elem/Middle School Education (13.1203)CRTU
Prof. Studies - Secondary Education (13.1205)CRTU
Public History (54.0101)CERT
Religious Diversity and Leadership in the Professions (38.0201)CRUT
Songwriting (50.0999)CRTU
Sustainable Business (30.3301)CRTU
Television Production (09.0701)CRTU
Virtual Reality Design (11.0804)CRTU
Four-Year Bachelor's Degree
Acting (50.0506)BFA
Biochemistry (26.0210)BS
Biology (26.0101)BA/BS
Business Administration (52.0201)BBA
Chemistry (40.0501)BS
Church Music (39.0501)BM
Collaborative Piano/Musical Theatre Accompanying (50.0907)BM
Composition (50.0904)BM
Computer Science (11.0701)BS
Conservation Science and Management (26.1307)BS
Contemporary Musicianship and Entrepreneur Development (50.0999)BA
Criminal Justice (43.0103)BS
Cybersecurity (11.1003)BS
Dance (50.0301)BA/BFA
Data Science and Applied Mathematics (27.0304)BS
Elementary Education K-6 (13.1202)BED
Engineering - Computer Engineering (14.0901)BS
English (23.0101)BA
Environmental and Sustainability Studies (30.3301)BA
Environmental Studies (03.0103)BS
Esports (31.0508)BS
Exercise Science (26.0908)BS
Film Studies (50.0601)BA
Global Studies (45.1099)BA
History (54.0101)BS
Information Technology (11.0103)BS
Jazz Studies (50.0910)BM
Kinesiology (13.1314)BS
Kinesiology Recreation (31.0505)BS
Mathematics (27.0101)BA
Media and Communications (09.0101)BA
Middle Education with Special Education K-6 (13.1203)BED
Music Education (13.1312)BM
Music Production and Recording Technologies (50.0913)BM
Music Therapy (51.2305)BMT
Music-General Perf (50.0903)BM
Musical Theatre (50.0509)BFA
Nursing (51.3801)BS
Outdoor Leadership and Education (31.0601)BS
Political Science (45.1001)BA
Psychology (42.0101)BS
Public Health (51.2299)BS
Religion (38.0201)BA
Secondary Education with Special Education 6-12 (13.1205)BED
Sociology (45.1101)BS
Spanish (16.0905)BA
Theatre Design and Production (50.0502)BFA
University Interdisciplinary Studies (24.0101)BA/BS
Virtual Reality Design (11.0804)BA
Bach's Lvl Student In Contin grad f/p pgm
Occupational Therapy (51.2306)MS
Pharmacy (51.2001)PHARMD
Physical Therapy (51.2308)MPT/DPT
Post-Baccalaureate/Post-Professional/Graduate Certificate
Administration and Supervision (13.0401)CRT
Business Analytics (30.7102)CRTG
Church Music (39.0501)CRT
Cyber Security (11.1003)CRTG
Digital Marketing (52.1404)CRTG
Elementary Education (13.1202)CERT
Esports Management Graduate Certificate (13.1314)GRAD CERT
Esports Medicine Graduate Certificate (51.0000)POST-PROF CERT
Graduate Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology (26.9999)CERT
Health Informatics (51.0706)CRTG
Healthcare Management (51.0701)CERT
MBA Essentials (52.0201)CRTG
Middle School Education (13.1203)CERT
Music Therapy (51.2305)CERT
Performance Arts Medicine Graduate Certificate (51.2399)CRTG
Performing Arts Health and Fitness (51.0001)CRTG
Prof Studies Cert - Health & Physical Ed PK-12 (31.0501)CRTG
Prof Studies-Special Ed Teacher Education (13.1001)CRTG
Prof. Studies Cert Prog for Initial Teacher Ed (13.1299)CERT
Professional Studies Certificate in Gifted Education (13.1004)CRTG
Professional Studies Certificate Program for Reading Licensure (13.1315)CRTG
Professional Studies Certificate Program for Special Education Elementary K-6 (13.1017)CRTG
Professional Studies Certificate Program for Special Education Middle 6-8 (13.1018)CRTG
Professional Studies Certificate Program for Special Education Secondary 6-12 (13.1019)CRTG
Public Health Certificate (51.2201)CERT
Secondary Education (13.1205)CERT
Sustainable Business (30.3301)CRTG
First Professional Degree
Pharmacy (51.2001)PHARMD
Master's Degree
Applied Behavior Analysis (42.2814)MS
Applied Cybersecurity (52.2101)MS
Athletic Training (51.0913)MS
Business Administration (52.0201)MBA
Church Music (39.0501)MM
Collaborative Piano (50.0907)MM
Composition (50.0904)MM
Conducting (50.0906)MM
Education (13.0101)MSE
Health Science (51.9999)MS
Master of Public Health (51.2201)MPH
Master of Science in Literacy Education (13.1206)MS
Music Education/Music (13.1312)MME
Music Therapy (51.2305)MMT
Nursing (51.3899)MSN
Occupational Therapy (51.2306)MS
Organizational Leadership (52.0213)MS
Pedagogy (50.0912)MM
Performance (50.0903)MM
Performing Arts Leadership and Management (50.1001)MS
Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine (26.9999)MS
Physician Assistant (51.0912)MS
Post-Master's Certificate
Artist Diploma (50.0903)CERT
Education Specialist in Educational Leadership (13.0499)EDS
Family Nurse Practitioner (51.3805)CRT
Midwifery (51.3807)CERT
Post Master Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (42.2814)CRTG
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (51.3810)CERT
Doctor's Degree
Educational Leadership (13.0401)DED
Medical Science (51.0912)DMS
Nursing Practice (51.3899)DNP
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (51.2306)DOT
Organizational Leadership (44.0000)DPROF
Performance (50.0903)DMA
Physical Therapy (51.2308)DPT

Full Legal Name - "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University" (Virginia Tech); "The College of William and Mary" (William & Mary)
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