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Guide to the Tuition and Fees Reports

Tuition and Fees (T1/T2) Reports

The following sections of the General Provisions of the 2012 Virginia Acts of Assembly describe the primary need for SCHEV’s annual collection of institutional tuition and fee data (T1/T2 Survey).

§ 4-2.01b.4.a) Each institution and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall monitor tuition, fees, and other charges, as well as the mix of resident and nonresident students, to ensure that the primary mission of providing educational opportunities to citizens of Virginia is served, while recognizing the material contributions provided by the presence of nonresident students.  The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall also develop and enforce uniform guidelines for reporting student enrollments and the domiciliary status of students.

§ 4-2.01b.4.b) The state Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall report to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees no later than August 1 of each year the annual change in total charges for tuition and all required fees approved and allotted by the Board of Visitors.  As it deems appropriate, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall provide comparative national, peer, and market data with respect to charges assessed students for tuition and required fees at institutions outside the Commonwealth.

In addition to the reporting requirement noted above, SCHEV uses the T1/T2 survey data to report to regional and national higher education organizations.  The data is also used to respond to various other legislative inquiries and requests from private citizens, students and parents, etc.


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