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Total Public Two-Year Institutions

Students Transferring into George Mason University in the Fall and Spring of the Designated Year
New Transfer (All)

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a. Total Transfers2,6802,7332,9572,9133,2973,5863,5193,434
b. Men - Total1,3101,2831,3371,4211,6281,8191,7681,688
c. Women - Total1,3701,4501,6201,4921,6691,7671,7511,746
d. Majority Students - Total1,3561,2451,3051,2111,2601,4141,3221,249
e. Majority Students - Men704592633626674799706671
f. Majority Students - Women652653672585586615616578
g. Students of Color - Total1,3241,4881,6521,7022,0372,1722,1972,185
h. Students of Color - Men6066917047959541,0201,0621,017
i. Students of Color - Women7187979489071,0831,1521,1351,168