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Total Public Two-Year Institutions

Students Transferring into Total Public Four-Year Institutions in the Fall and Spring of the Designated Year
New Transfer (All)

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a. Total Transfers9,57910,25210,44410,53910,97010,62211,80911,300
b. Men - Total4,4514,7184,8714,9265,0754,9885,3915,356
c. Women - Total5,1285,5345,5735,6135,8955,6346,4175,943
d. Majority Students - Total6,4776,8736,5176,1876,2995,8886,3486,031
e. Majority Students - Men3,1073,1833,1542,9763,0522,8663,0662,989
f. Majority Students - Women3,3703,6903,3633,2113,2473,0223,2813,041
g. Students of Color - Total3,1023,3793,9274,3524,6714,7345,4615,269
h. Students of Color - Men1,3441,5351,7171,9502,0232,1222,3252,367
i. Students of Color - Women1,7581,8442,2102,4022,6482,6123,1362,902