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E30: The 25% Rule Monitoring Report

Section Item 4-2.01

Notes: d) The Boards of Visitors or other governing bodies of institutions of higher education shall not increase the current proportion of nonresident undergraduate students if the institution's nonresident undergraduate enrollment exceeds 25 percent, unless: i) such enrollment is intended to support workforce development needs within the Commonwealth of Virginia as identified in consultation with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and ii) the number of in-state undergraduate students does not drop below fall 2018 full-time equivalent census levels as certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Norfolk State University, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia State University, and two-year public institutions are exempt from this restriction. Any such increases shall be limited to no more than a one percentage point increase over the prior year.

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Undergraduate Enrollment Summary, 25% Rule Monitoring Report
Fall 2022Fall 2018
Institution Name% Out-of-State HCIn-State FTEAvg. Change in % Out-of-State HC From Fall 2018% Out-of-State HCIn-State FTE
Christopher Newport University5.9%4,079-0.2%6.8%4,488
George Mason University15.2%19,657-0.1%15.5%19,197
James Madison University21.4%14,943-0.8%24.6%14,349
Longwood University8.0%2,742-0.2%8.9%3,582
Norfolk State University28.4%3,4631.4%22.7%3,242
Old Dominion University9.0%13,615-0.2%9.9%14,244
Radford University8.7%5,1070.4%7.0%7,191
University of Mary Washington10.6%2,7580.5%8.6%3,678
University of Virginia32.8%11,2130.5%30.6%11,209
University of Virginia's College at Wise11.1%1,0681.3%5.9%1,272
Virginia Commonwealth University8.8%17,403-0.2%9.5%19,219
Virginia Military Institute36.2%1,032-0.7%39.1%1,101
Virginia State University27.1%3,048-0.1%27.4%2,892
Virginia Tech32.1%20,6610.8%29.0%19,914
William & Mary34.8%4,1970.1%34.4%3,994