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Program Wage and Outcomes by Institution

Physical Therapy/Therapist.Wage and Debt Reports

All Institutions, Physical Therapy/Therapist.
Earnings in 2022Median WagePercentage of Graduates w/ Reported Wage
15 Years (2006-07 graduates)$91,07643%
10 Years (2011-12 graduates)$83,30342%
8 Years (2013-14 graduates)$83,14038%
5 Years (2016-17 graduates)$78,96051%
3 Years (2018-19 graduates)$76,44647%
18 Months (2020-21 graduates)$73,19051%
Only years/programs meeting disclosure rules will be displayed to protect individual confidentiality.

As reminder, the median value represents the very middle value of the sample of values (wage or debt) sorted from low to high. This value is found in the middle line of the barcharts.
The remaining values in the chart are constructed similarly, to display how wages and earnings are distributed. Thus, while the median tells us the middle wage, the values for the 25th and 75th percentiles tell us that half of the graduates with wages fall between those two values. Likewise, 80% of reported wages fall between the 10th and 90th percentiles. The length of each bar section clue to the dispersion in the data - that is, how much earnings can vary within a range a group of individuals.

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Physical Therapy/Therapist., Graduates from 2012-13 to 2016-17
InstitutionMedian WagePercentage Students w/ Reported WageMedian DebtPercentage Students with Debt
Marymount University$70,67041%$126,58884%
Old Dominion University$70,39865%$60,82179%
Shenandoah University$74,96031%$89,87842%
Virginia Commonwealth University$68,16177%$65,87572%

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